Tuesday, November 16

The Season

The KPT season is officially finished. The last 2 weeks of KPT saw only
3 winners. You might be wondering why.. Well because the last 2 1/2 weeks of KPT was played at Jerome's house. Buy In's were always $20 or more which makes a very handsome pot specially when there is only 3 or 4 players remaining so the games resulted in many split pots which i do not consider an official game. When i started KPT the objective was not to get rich or make a living but to simply have a more gratifying poker experience. Playing for the coveted and glorious first place and hanging your picture on my website. I think for the most part we have achieved this goal. Players did like that picture on the website and players did play for the points. I certainly did.

The plan at this time is to start the Winter KPT season when the patio
is finished. The winter Season will consist only 4 months which follows
a 2 month break and another season to follow. This winter season will
include a revised RULE BOOK and points system. I will be handing out the Rules and Points system prior to the start of the Winter Season.

Some KPT Memoirs

- Kris' back to back to back
- Nols 13 2nd place finishes
- David's bad beats
- Frank's fear of insects
- Randy's "King 5"
- Vince's Amazing comebacks
- Adrian's WIN
- Gerry stealing the Dealer Button
- Allan's customary raises
- Marco's Kings
- Jerome's showing his bluff's "one time one time"
- Mori's cheating
- Hana getting up bec someone is ALL IN "whaaaat ALL INNN?"
- Jee's smack talk
- Akio saying "Reallly?" after someone bets
- Jason's ALL IN's ....
- Trank's 6 rebuys in one game
- David Knocking out Jonathan
- Jonathan scratching his chin
- Jonathan... on the slow blind
- Jonathan's ALL IN after getting knocked out and sitting on the other
table.. by himself
- Kris's ability to make top 4 consistentlly
- Kris flopping a straight flush
- David's odd bets "i bet $239"
- Jee never puts his blinds
- Jonathan and Akio's Marathon heads up... 2 1/2 hrs
- Adrian's ALL IN after Jonathan flopped a boat "Jonathan: Are you sure?"

- Kara's $1000 bet "unraised pot blinds at $100-200" after flopping a
- Ricky taking back the River card claiming he didn't burn (the river
gave Adrian a fullhouse, Ricky flopped a straight)
- Jerome consoling me after a bad beat then getting knocked out the very
next hand. So i consoled him back
- Gerry is always late
- Everyone is late
- Hana's "nah i cant make it tonite gotta study, calls 30 mins later "Yo
marc do you have an open seat for me?"
- Toby barking at everyone
- Mori calling to make sure there is no game so he can hang with the girlfriend, guiltfree!
- Kitty's Tuesday Appearance
- Bomb getting spicy and marinading it
- Rained out 2 tuesdays in a row.. So we thought. Got 14 Players both days
- My Back to back to back at Jerome's house
- Leaving work early on a Sunday to play at Allan's
- Kris limping in with AK
- Hana limping in with AA "he does this a lot"
- Going to DejaVu after the Tuesday game with Gerry and Jonathan
- Frank: Who said DeJaVU?

And Many more! ... wow i cant remember them all ..... its been memorable


At 11:20 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

How come Marco doesn't comment in here...? What about Ricky's famous slogan, "IM IN IT TO WIN IT"


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