Friday, July 20

The High-Def dilemma

Everyone from my dad, my poker friends, to the the lawnmower man had suggested (in Spanish... serious) that i hang my TV on the wall. And because i think i have such a legitimate reason why i have not done so, i have explained it to every single one of these people, tirelessly. But now i am beginning to get tired of it lol. As you may know, these TV's were built to live on walls. It's where they thrive. There is not only where they look the best, it is where they're most efficient, space wise. I mean who the hell wants a 40 inch flat panel on a boring TV stand?

I suppose i should explain my reasoning behind why my flat panel is on a stand (though a really nice one...). Maybe i can finally say "so read my blog" when someone ask again about the TV. It's simple really. Only the north and the east walls presented a somewhat feasible solution since the others are kind of oblique. Neither wall, though, offered a really good solution to my dilemma. Basically, my computer desk is too tall and portly to share the same wall with the big TV if i were to hang it, and not to mention the inability to swivel the TV. I wanted to be able to watch TV and work on my computer at the same time without having to turn my head 90 degrees (I'm sure you can imagine how annoying that could get). I thought about hanging the TV on the East wall while keeping the computer stuff against the north wall, but with the lack of a satellite outlet on the east side, it presented a slew of other configuration challenges. Wiring would seem difficult (and i don't like wires running up walls). There is virtually no place to hang the VHS-size HD receiver and HD DVD player and not to mention the even bigger Amplifier and surround speakers (plus sub-woofer). Yep, very problematic. This left me with really only one good choice. Although it broke my heart to do it lol, i went against everyone's suggestion. I placed the TV on a boring stand, albeit brand new, in the north east corner of the room alongside my computer desk, exactly where my old TV used to be.

Amidst all the suggestions and the rather surprised reactions on my decision, the TV ultimately won their hearts or at least some kind of a positive praise. Some even to the point of exaggeration lol (That would be Scott. Yes Scott, you are parenthesized once again...). It is truly a great TV and in it's price range (around $2500) it is probably the best one you could find out there. It's been quite the upgrade not only for my playroom but for my Poker Tournament on Sunday's as well. Specially now that a lot of ball games are on High Definition...

Perhaps the best reaction of all is one by my ex-girlfriend. Oh by the way, i've decided to keep the 13 year Magnovox (i guess i am sentimental) which has been relegated to my room, deposing the two year old 30" Sony flat panel (HD Ready) that used to in there to my ex's Apartment, at her request. Somehow i said okay lol. "Hey check out my new TV" i said proudly, certain she'd be impressed. I mean after all she is getting my other TV... "Oh okay... Uhmm, can i use your computer? I gotta check MySpace"...


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