Sunday, November 28

First Run

Wednesday 11/24 i made my first run of the season with my friend Andres after a snowstorm leaving 2 feet of snow over the past weekend. The east end of Big Bear Lake was still frozen. I got in a good 11 runs before 12:30 pm. They also opened the Geronimo Run without grooming so i was able to ride some undisturbed fresh powder 2-3 feet deep at the summit.

I didn't wait very long for my 2nd Trip, headed right back up Saturday 11/27 this time with my Long Time Snowboarding friend Kris. Kris has a new Board to break in and i a new snowboard rack. Conditions were still excellent. We decide to go old school and leave before 5 am to get in some good runs before 9 am. By noon after a few adjustments on Kris's Board we get about 13-14 runs in. A very Good Day.


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