Tuesday, May 9

The darling buds of May

Uncle Pipot, Adrians dad, just had a dinner birthday at the same restaurant his mom had hers in February, a Chinese restaurant called A&W in Granada Hills (odd name for a Chinese restaurant, and they serve Gelato). Coincidentally this restaurant is where i last saw Adrian and Trixy. I suppose that's okay since were getting old. But anyway, same as Auntie Zeny's birthday it was a late notice. I guess it's to be expected as they've been doing it for years. When i arrived Adrian and Trixy were seated on a separate table from the patriarchs and the matriarchs, a hierarchal arrangement perhaps... As usual the dinner was set for a 7-pm date, of course as ridiculously early as that may be, it is a smart way to schedule a Filipino dinner because no one is ever on time (except my parents).

The food in this restaurant is excellent, i even told Trixy i liked their food there better than the food in China town itself, which by virtue of appellation should be better. We had shrimp, more shrimp, steam and friend rice with shrimp, kang kong (water spinach) and fried chicken.

We had a grand ole' time of course. We did the usual "so whats been going on with you" talk, work talk, movie talk, poker talk etc etc etc. But, cometh the hour, cometh the men, the stars of the night are the twin brothers who joined us later that evening. Apparently they are our cousins, and all the patriarchs and matriarchs, who i only know by face, are our blood relatives. The two brothers are the oddest twins i've ever seen in my life. They are almost identical, except, in sheer size. They're 1 minute apart, but apparently that 1 minute cost the younger brother dearly, to the tune of 7 inches in height and a 30% deficiency in weight. Of course Adrian never gave him a break on his height disparity. But what he lacked in height and weight he made up in his hilarious youthful exuberance. He had us laughing until our tummies ached. He told us colorful stories in tagalog from their trip in the Philippines and their 21 year old girlfriend that had a child which the younger one dropped in a pool. Not quite sure if its true but it was funny. Even though they were both born here in the States they had a Filipino accent which sounded uproariously fake...

They're great kids, but they couldn't wait to go home and get some good rest to prepare for school. I wish i was like that when i was a kid haha. Well i hope that they enjoy life while they're young, because as such, the brevity of youth, like the darling buds of may, it is too brief.

Uhmm the picture below is sort of non sequitur. Just thought i'd share it lol.


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They had to go home, cuz "Attorney" will get mad.

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