Tuesday, May 16

For whom the Bell tolls

"Beat LA, AGAIN"... "Not in this House"... "LA forecast -a solar eclipse-"... "The bell tolls for Raja". These were the signs the Suns fans were holding up in the US Airways Center during the swing game of the Western Conference Semi Finals. Doug Collins' chuckle was almost audible every time the Camera man focused on one of the signs. Isn't Doug Collins the biggest asshole in the NBA sportcaster crew? Lets forget for one minute that the Suns beat the LA Lakers (beat them fair and square i might add). Maybe you haven't notice but Doug Collins has a tinge of bias for favored teams or at least teams that have better records. Every time the Clippers took the lead, Doug would turn on his pseudo-charming analytical prophecy. "The suns are down by 5 points and this Arena is a deafening silence. What the Suns need is a couple of threes, that'll get this crowd going, the Suns feed off that energy" and by some evil force the Suns hit a couple of threes. Hell, Doug practically prophesied the entire Suns-Laker series.

I hate this guy. Ok he's good, real good, perhaps the best sportscaster, analytically. But shit, he was so annoying during the Laker series, i wanted to stop watching. Every single time the game momentum swung the Lakers way he made his prophecy. Asshole...

I had big hopes for the Clippers but so far they've squandered two games. Game 3 at home and last nights double OT Game 5. That was a hell of a game by the way, but Sam's 8 second violation was critical and Elton's 2 missed free-throws late in regulation might have sealed the game. But how about Raja's three in the corner to send it to 2nd OT, damn nothing you can about that... But how could he have been that wide open? And why was Ewing guarding Raja? And do you remember what Doug Collins said? "This ain't over yet" that's when Raja hit that three in the corner.


At 11:20 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

Fuck Raja!!! Fuck him in the asshole!


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