Thursday, October 18

Big sis havin' a Baby

I think everyone should know by now that my Sister and the new BF are expecting. I think my mom made sure of that... She spent the entire weekend on the phone calling everyone and their momma. You see i was under the impression my sister and the bf intended not to tell my parents yet, so throughout the weekend i was concealing my excitement. I figured my sister would want to tell them herself, because i was very tempted to spoil it for her lol.

A few days later, when i could no longer conceal my excitement i suggested excitedly that we make an official announcement over Dinner like white people (i would have loved to have witnessed that... and the look on my parents faces). "Oh they already know" my sister said apologetically, which explained the numerous calls my mom made over the weekend. I guess she couldn't wait herself haha. I think i wanted to be a part of the announcement ceremony so bad that it annoyed me a little that i wasn't told about my parents. But you can only get annoyed for so long at a pregnant woman before you realize the bigger picture, so...

And before i knew it, they had wedding plans. What the heck?

But on the other hand, why the hell not? They're getting old and my parents could use a grand child to get them off my back (That's a joke Nols)... I think my mom has been expecting it too (I was hopin' for it) because according to my sister she had noticed an odd change in her diet. Evidently that means something... I guess i hadn't noticed, but i really wasn't surprised when she called and told me she got pregnant. "Mom is going to kill me" she cried, something she had not said probably since High School, so i knew it was pretty serious. I was overjoyed to hear she was pregnant, though she sounded a bit scared... Understandably.

Lately they have done nothing but plan the wedding (not that it's a bad thing of course). My mom seems to think i enjoy daily updates including and not limited to the cost and logistics. And though i say nothing nor react in any way suggesting i wish her to continue, she drones on haha. I appreciate it though because i am well informed.

I have been curious as to what they would ask of me for this wedding. What my role would be. I don't necessarily think they would ask something of me nor do i feel that i should have some kind of a role in the wedding, i just think i should participate in some official way. Obviously i couldn't be a Wedding Coordinator or Planner because that would require me to make phone calls (that ain't happening... i can IM but no calls). Ring bearer is out of the question lol (But would be happy to do so for the right price. Nols?). Flowers, Makeup, and Hair Stylist we shall leave to the pros... Doesn't leave me a lot of options, does it?

I guess i am building them a website (something even I didn't think about). I don't especially like doing that shit but my sister told me to make them one. Yes she did not ask, she just told me to just do it.

I paused for a half second then obeyed...


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