Wednesday, November 7

The Florist Entrapment

"We've got Laker tickets" my sister said abjectly. It immediately occurred to me it was not an invitation by the tone of her voice. Evidently she had an appointment with another florist (she wasn't very happy with the first one...) and my mom wouldn't go alone, she wanted a backup? The difficulty there as you might imagine, is inescapable. Sure it could have been rescheduled i suppose but that would seem unkind of me, wouldn't it? The way i saw it, i couldn't say no without the risk of being scorned.

Of course saying "No i'm not really not doing anything" does not literally mean "nothing", it's more like nothing substantial (Unless you consider -career mode- in Forza 2 important). I had set that evening on finishing up the "Menu", "Directions", and "Schedule" pages on her wedding website. Incidentally, while watching the Laker Game (I'm more productive that way). Not that it takes forever to build these pages, they don't. But for me being creative is not so much a matter of having the time to build websites (and that i have an abundance of), it is a matter of being creatively inspired at the right time. Like a writer who must write immediately after finding inspiration if you will. The appointment with the florist basically removed me from inspiration. As a result all i did when i got home was play xbox for hours on end lol...

The meeting with the Florist was pretty amusing. My mom was frustrated as heck because the guy (Flowers by Henry... Filipino guy naturally.) had this annoying habit of repeating himself. And whenever he did he would actually warn my mom that he was about to repeat himself, yet again. Yes very odd that guy.

The first problem with the meeting and although he seemed like a very nice guy was neglecting to offer us something to drink (But that's just me). Aren't Filipinos supposed to be hospitable? He realized this major mistake as we were leaving, how convenient? And i'm guessing he didn't have the Laker Game on because he is gay? Whatever... The second problem is my moms refusal to believe that the annual Pasadena Rose Parade (two days after the wedding) would present a major challenge in terms of color availability or just actual flowers for that matter. I completely understand her frustration though. I guess i would want to be assured too that i get the desired colors or close to it if i were paying that much money for Flowers (Chocolate brown. Perhaps the most difficult color for that particular time of year). And i think it didn't help matters too that my mom disliked some of Henry's arrangements in the albums she was looking through. Naturally Henry felt he was being negatively criticized (by a non-professional nonetheless) and tried so professionally to conceal his disdain (didn't fool me though...). Yeah that didn't go so well... But it was hilarious.

The best part of the evening however - save for the Laker Game vs Florist concept - is when Henry asked my mom if the impeding marriage is a first in the Family. Without hesitation she looked up and said "Yes!"very excitedly and emphatically too. Right then i was trying to decide whether to correct her at that instant and possibly embarrass her or wait until we get out. I didn't feel like my wedding was insignificant or unimportant to her because of this (albeit divorced now). I think it's just amusing that she'd forgotten her own sons Marriage. I am first! I gave her several seconds to recant her answer but to no avail... I reminded her politely that I, her one and only son was married 10 years and 5 months before her one and only daughter was to be Married. But she only smiled and said "oh" as if it were a minor error lol.

Yep thats the thanks i get. I cover for the bride who was attending Laker Game mind you, and my mom renders my marriage
nonexistent. Good times!


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