Tuesday, June 1

Casa Sanchez # 3

The Mexican Food at this rather quaint run-down joint was surprisingly excellent, maybe even quite authentic. I ordered the # 12 Quesedilla Combo which was served in a Large Pizza Box that had someone else's Restaurant Name on it all together. Cheeky right? But even better than the food are the employees and especially the owner himself. You see I didn't really have much of a plan on this shoot. All I knew was that I wanted to shoot a nude scene at the charming establishment and I hadn't planned on asking permission because I just didn't think that the good people that owned such restaurants would be open to such impropriety. Especially when patrons are actually in the establishment... And we're not talking about a place tucked far away in the outskirts of town either. I mean this place is situated right smack dab in the middle of Long Beach, on Pacific Coast Highway no less where traffic is hardly ever light. And oh it's an eatery that offers only outdoor patio seating too for good measure. But at the behest of my model I had to ask. A proposition I didn't quite relish in either as you can imagine...


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your work!!
how did the couple eating reacted to the naked girl. they dont seem to care that you're shotting hhe photos


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