Thursday, April 28

The Cheesy 80's

Hi! I mean come on who doesn't like the 80's? Glam rock, leotards, t-back bikinis, big hair, headbands, Rubik's cube, Sixteen Candles, Soft Cell, Miami Vice, Magnum P.I.?

I've finally been able to put this one together after months of planning and after going through three outfit ideas and five different models (all of whom I never heard from again after agreeing to do the project). It was a frustrating process to say the least. I was looking very hard for a model that could pull-off the cheesy 80's look and apparently I needn't look too hard at all because Jordan (a model i'd worked with now several times) was obviously the right girl all along. I thought about her, in fact, from the beginning but I ventured to see who else would be interested. I was also (though I hadn't made up my mind completely) looking for a blonde and perhaps someone a smidge taller...

But perhaps it was her all along. It made sense ya know? We get along well, she does have somewhat of a cheesy smile (in fact she is cheesy in real life. Its true!), quite reliable, lives down the street from me, and most importantly she in fact loves things from the 80's (yes we've often talked about this)....

Oh by the way as a last minute addition, I decided to throw a little bit of the early cheesy roller-blading 90's in there! Oh yeah in the semi-nude!

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At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Matt said...

wonderful shots! im surprised you were able to do a nude shoot here; what time was this at? usually very crowded here when i go

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

Thanks Matt..... this was right at Sunrise :)


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