Tuesday, June 20

India or Bust

And so its been years since ironing my work clothes. I meticulously ironed my dress pants and shirt in the first year at work, but eventually it felt tedious and even though my wardrobe varied in color and style it felt like wearing a uniform. See i figured, its just work, its Tech Support (no girls) so who the hell cares about looking spiffy?

Well recently i've had a change of heart, maybe turning 30 did that, or perhaps being single for quite some time. And as mentioned in my Filling up the Potpourri entry, i did some wardrobe replenishment. Hell, i grew out my hair (i was bald for 7 years). Maybe this is all a sign of maturity, maybe and even if only in the wardrobe category, i'm turning over a new leaf. Maybe i no longer want to look like that kid with the wrinkled Banana Republic chino pants, the stained shirt, the crummy Dodger cap, the untrimmed goatee and the old comfortable shoes. I want to look and dress more, well, mature. Additionally my outlook in life also had a sudden turn. Believe it or not i am more patient now, my humility almost impeccable (...lol ego still apparent though) and zest for life and even work, abundant. And so to remain faithful to my new found dapperness, i carefully iron my dress pants and shirt (with starch even) Tuesday morning before my 8 am conference call.

It turns out, it was a day of reckoning. A Tech Support equivalent of the Bible's revelations if you will. The Apocalypse... We are getting outsourced to, yes, the Country King of outsourcing, India. It feels like being herded off like sheeps to the wolves...

And i was thinking "shit i ironed my pants yo, damn it". And from now on we don't even have to dress up anymore because we've only got 3 months left. I suppose that is some kind of a consolation for the ass rape. Great i just bought some new work clothing items.

Additionally they want to send 2 techies to India for training purposes. Naturally i signed up Hahaha. Well after taxes the severance package comes up to around 3 months worth of salary, so that's actually not too bad. And i suppose we should be grateful we didn't get the boot but a somewhat diplomatic dismissal. However this apocalypse is a set back not only with my short term goals but my long term goals overall. The Technical field is a fickle friend indeed....

A cruel irony...


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