Saturday, October 14

First order of Business

Techies and cigarettes are more so synonymous than any other kind of Support or work industry. You don't generally see Nurses or Mechanics go out for smoke breaks. Accountants and Loan officers spend most of their breaks and lunches either in the confines of their offices or in the humdrum breakrooms. I don't generally smoke as much as your regular smoker because i just don't like to smoke that much but since i've started working at my new job, my smoking habits have been dictated by the Techies training me, which is about a half a pack a day. That is more than 2 1/2 times more than what i'm used to. I mean these guys not only take smoke breaks, they're more like smoke Holidays...

I don't have my first cigarette of the day until i am at least halfway through my first coffee in the morning. Without a coffee, which is a rarity, i might not have a cig until midway through the afternoon. I may or may not have the requisite cigarette after eating lunch either depending on my mood. Most of the time i would rather read or browse the internet during lunches instead of mingling with the other smokers who are only too happy to chain-smoke their breaks away. Perhaps my favorite cigarette of a typical work day is the one on my last break. This break is usually around 6:30 PM (in my last job anyway) right around the time the sun is setting in the west. It's sort of a prelude to the end of a work day.

Before i came in to work last Friday i was doing my usual morning coffee-cigarette just outside at work in the designated smoking area. Its sort of a shipshape smoking area complete with chairs and trashcans, whereby, upkeep is taken so seriously that the chairs and trashcans are put away overnight... One of the Web Development Administrators came out for one of his many smoke Holidays. He is a very gracious man and welcomed me aboard for the 3rd time that week (that or he is forgetful haha). He spoke of his journey through his adult working life to the present time, he smoked at least six consecutive cigarettes to my two, and i only smoked a second cigarette as sort of a courtesy. When i finally walked into work to check-in with one of my trainers our first order of business was to go outside for a smoke break. Damn!


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