Tuesday, October 10

High Traffic

So i have started working at my new job. The facility is absolutely "cool". Its not your typical corporate environment in a leased three-story building with an expansive parking lot located downtown or in my previous job an almost obscure city called Moorpark. I mean no one has ever heard of Moorpark... This time its located in the high traffic area --Culver City. If there was such a thing as the worst city to work in-- its Culver city. It takes me over an hour to get there, although, it is only 21 miles one way, 10 miles less than what i used to drive. It takes so long that by the time i exit the 405 freeway (The United States busiest freeway) i'd already finished my extra large coffee from 7-eleven.

Anyway the facility is a warehouse converted into an nice sort of transitory looking office. The ceiling is about three stories high with big panoramic windows. The inside is not brightly lit like your typical office with overhead fluorescent lighting. People actually have lamps on their desk because you couldn't read without them otherwise. I like that because the atmosphere feels mellow and relaxed. Dress code is practically non-existent. Even the CEO, who came over to my desk introduced himself as just Damian, looked like a bum. I didn't find out he was the CEO until someone pointed it out the next day. I greeted him with my very homey greeting "sup dude" hahaha... And oh, I can finally wear all my hats and flip flops to work i've amassed over the years.

As i expected and as i was telling my friend Cathey just the other day, i should probably get a different kind of job because there are no women in Technical Support (lol). Although that sounds more like a complaint rather than a plan. Another thing about working in Culver city is the lunch situation. See in my previous job, if i didn't bring lunch from home i would normally pickup food from the Filipino fast-food place "Pinoy Pinay" down the street from my house before work. See i am not too fond of any other kind of food, not on a daily basis anyway. On my first day i had lunch at this tiny establishment that served Fish & Chips that was surprisingly very tasty. The second day i again did not pack a lunch, and even though i got directions, i couldn't find Baja Fresh. I probably will never eat fish tacos the same way again anyway after feasting on authentic ones in Rosarito just the other weekend but i couldn't think of anything else to eat. As much as possible I try to stay away from the very unhealthy burgers and fries although Filipino Food isn't quite on the healthy side too. So its probably just a matter of choice...

Anyhow as i was driving around haplessly searching for the evasive Fish Tacos of Baja Fresh i saw a familiar looking "The Original Thai" restaurant on Venice and Clarington. I immediately forgot about fish tacos and turned in. Serendipitously a Filipino restaurant was situated right next door hahaha. So i dumped the Thai food idea and walked over next door. However a yellow sticky note on the door tantalizingly read "Be back in an Hour". I suppose not many Filipinos come and eat lunch at 3 PM (we had a long ass meeting at work). So back to Thai food. In the middle of my lunch the Filipino restaurant person arrived with his kids in tow from school which explained the note...

Anyway my lunch situation is resolved. Now if the traffic could somehow magically go away...


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