Sunday, September 24

Put out to Pasture

The inevitable has arrived and i hope you haven't grown tired of my "layoff blog saga". I am getting tired of it myself but somehow i can't find it in me not to talk about it. Perhaps when its all said and done and i finally find a replacement job i'll forget about it, but, right now, its just too damn fresh and intriguing... (this Friday is our last day) Although our version of the layoffs isn't quite as large a scale and news-worthy as, say, the GM and Ford layoffs, the inherent effect to our accustomed lifestyles is quite similar... Its probably fair to say that we are overpaid for what we actually do... See when i applied for the position (then called HTML Support now Problem Analyst), like most positions in any Corporation that offer web or IT related services, the qualifications were so exceedingly advanced that i shunned away from it. Instead i applied for a similar position with a lower pay grade. The technical recruiter however, despite my apprehension, perhaps familiar with the true nature of the incredulous looking qualifications of the HTML position, persuaded me to apply anyway, even using the attractive starting salary for added leverage. What... more money? Who was i to disagree?

Sure enough when i started, just as the Technical Recruiter discreetly suggested, the job did not justify its advanced qualifications. Its so advance in fact that it attracted over qualified candidates that they had to turn away. It was like Katie Couric applying for a local NBC News Correspondent or something. The job requirements just didn't make a lot of sense. Anyway, aside from the occasional clue-less and irrational client, the job itself, considering what it paid, was the easiest job this side of the slothful Technical Help-Desk world.

A begrudged advantage over all the other Departments is our limitless ability to browse the internet without scrutiny from the prying eyes of the Network Administrators. Besides the Admins are in the same Department as ours haha... That means a rich and oversufficient amount of Myspacing or in my case Frienstering-- during work hours that is. Idle time is reserved for DVD's and smoke breaks lol. In fact most of my blogs were drafted during idle time at work which is somewhat productive, don't you think? At some point though, fearing that blogging would lose its personal touch, i intentionally began drafting blog ideas at home, only adding content at work, and finally proof-reading and publishing my work from home. You see, publishing my blogs from work, although i had a lot of time to proof read them, somehow felt unduly quick to some degree... Additionally while the rest of the building, comprised of many Departments, are limited to in-office MSN instant messaging, my Department has every IM tool conceived by man available.

Well as much as i have accepted our fate it hadn't completely sunk in yet but I am starting to feel bored with the prospect of not working. Though 'not working' is not completely out of the realms of what i would like to do in the foreseeable future. Being forced out to pasture just really sucks. And that's putting it loosely.

So in an attempt to memorialize the five years we have spent together, years that can only be described as fun, we are journeying down south across the border to Mexico for a weekend of Cerveza, tequila, fish and lobster tacos in Puerto Nuevo, and more cervezas. Hopefully when we cross back stateside, despite of all the alcohol consumption, we would have found not only resolve to our unfavorable separation but have gained true friendships for a long time to come... That way we can go back to Rosarito and party haha...


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