Wednesday, September 6

The Lolly-Pop incident

Kit surprised me quite a bit when she began sucking on a Lolly Pop two weeks ago when she made her KPT return. I paused and thought "is she really going to suck on that while playing cards?" Needless to say i don't think anyone minded at all. What's interesting is that 3 hours into the tournament she was still sucking on a fresh one. Evidently it was a well rehearsed stage act. She must have had a whole bag of pops in her purse because she was reloading like Neal penetrating the Matrix (lol). Every time i glanced over she had a fresh one oscillating in her mouth . When she got tired of sucking she would slowly recede the pop out of her mouth, lick it with her wet tongue glazing it with mouth watering-dripping saliva, then slowly extend the pop 8 inches away from her mouth creating a saliva-hanging-bridge effect like they do in Porn flicks. Okay i made that one up.... Got you though didn't i?

The KPT feeling is that the lolly pop sucking is a welcome distraction. I think that goes without saying though... So in an attempt to counter Kits mouth watering stage act i asked my KPT confidant to pick up a few bags of Lolly Pop. I handed them out before rendering my Michael-Buffer like "Shuffle-up-and-Deal". Kit was cool about it, though i did see a hint of blushing Haha. I think the plan worked because she played ultra-aggressive consequently rebuying 4 times throughout the first 2 levels lol. She was sort of Howard Lederers classic case of disguising strength and weakness -strong when she was weak and weak when she was strong-.

The distraction is no more efficacious to anyone than Jeremy. He is completely and utterly under Kit's spell. I bet if Kit said "Bark" Jeremy would do it without question (haha kidding Jeremy). Coincidentally Jeremy has been seated near Kit both times she played at KPT. We've had to remind him when it was his turn to act. He'd ask for the blind amount even though he was just the Big Blind the previous hand. I think he even purposely called Kit's ALL IN with absolutely nothing just so she could stick around longer in the Tournament. I don't think Jeremy realizes that its counter productive. But what the heck does he know? He's just happy as a clam (or a lolly pop)... I must admit i've been secretly rooting for Kit not because she likes to suck lolly pops or because she is well endowed but because i like to see new players gain experience and do well. I know that seems Fatherly-like but maybe that's just what i am. Not only your Tournament Director, your Host, but also your Poker friend.

Perhaps the million dollar question is "Why the endless supply of Lolly Pops?". Does she love candy that much or is she an exhibitionist who's willingly and knowingly putting on a show?It's an obvious undeniable fact that she likes the attention but a more important fact is why... I think that to a certain extent women are starved for attention and would do almost anything to attain it. Kit obviously is a good looking gal and i am pretty sure she does not have to travel far down the attention alley to attain it. Which begs the question of why the Lolly Pop she is openly seeking attention? Well i don't know... Quite honestly i don't give a Itty Bitty Titties what she does on the poker table to attract attention. If that is her High so be it... I am just happy to have a girl in my game because equality is what i'm after not estrogen or cleavage.

Welcome to the game Kit.


At 3:42 PM, Anonymous KiT said...

Your "equality is all im after" talk contradicts with ALL the sexist comments, don't you think?

dude,all jokes aside, I don't think you'll attract more women players with this article.


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