Thursday, August 10

Yet my Birthday

Somewhere along the line i'd given out the wrong Birthday to people and many establishments apparently. Friendster, AOL, Microsoft and even the ultra-popular Myspace was deemed unworthy of my true Birth Date. I've been receiving messages, IM's and text messages in the last week wishing me a Happy Birthday. People really pay attention to that birthday-reminder thing on frienster and Myspace. Me, i just put August something to get it over with because i hate filling out forms (even online ones). I have seen those birthday cake icons on my profile, reminder that a friend is having a birthday, i just figured everyone put a phony birthday, hence; i never paid it any attention. I mean who the heck gives out real birthdays online anyway? Forgive the blasphemy but Jesus wasn't born on December 25th... Point is i just thought everyone gave fake birthdays!!! My Dentist was no exception, i've been ignoring her for quite some time now, sent a birthday card with a friendly reminder to call her for an appointment. Well at least she is cute. I also received cards from Banana Republic and Sunglass Hut with discount coupons. Quite nice but not without a catch. How unscrupulous... A certain amount must be reached for discount eligibility--But of course.... I'm not quite sure why i didn't give out my real birthday. Maybe i've been afraid of God Forbid a surprise party? Maybe i've seen too many Robert Redford spy flicks. Or maybe its to remind myself my birthday is coming up...

The gesture is appreciated of course. I mean its nice to hear people greet you happy birthday even on the wrong day. It procures the senses so to speak. Additionally it gives them a chance to greet you again on your actual birthday, right? Well if you hadn't annoyed them enough with the ruse anyway. I must admit though, i'm terrible at remembering peoples birthdays. Seriously i could probably only name a few people whose birthday i reaaally know and that doesn't even include my parents. I just know what month LOL. A few years ago i went home to a party, unbeknownst to me, it was my mothers birthday. It was kind of embarrassing coz' i asked what was going on-- Dohh!!! Last year, in an attempt to coax my cousin Adrian into hosting a poker tournament, i reminded him that his birthday fell on a Tuesday (Poker Night). Only it was 6 days off... Aside from myself, there's only 4 other people in this world whose birthday i know by heart, two of them just happen to have the same birthday as i bwuhahahhahaha. One is an ex-girlfriend, who still sends me a birthday emails, and the other Jaja's mother (who is still the most beautiful out of all the Borja girls haha). I know Jaja's younger sisters birthday because-- its the day before mine, plus we always attended each others birthday when we were kids. I have vivid memories of those times because their parents used to make them do dance performances all the time. I attribute that to my perverse fondness for strippers (... Just kidding Ja). The only other person whose birthday i know is Jaja. Who else did you expect? I mean i know her shoe-size for God's sake...

Anyhow, my birthday is coming up, shit... I honestly don't know what to do this year. Or rather my feeling is that i don't want to do anything. I know that's some kind of a cliche' but i am almost serious. See i am an advocate of not doing the same activity every year. Last year i did the Poker-Dinner thing, which, i felt, appropriate at the time. That game still remains the earliest turnout in Poker history. I wonder if the food had anything to do with it? The year before that was this boring semi-intimate dinner with close family and friends which is destined never to be repeated. It was a weak encore to the previous year's Insane Bash at my house with an impromptu DeeJay, a party that lasted seemingly forever... I've done the outrageous strip-club thing and the Swingers --cocktail-first questions-later-- Vegas thing. The one thing i haven't done, although quite prevalent in LA, is the very bromide Club-thing. It must be is some kind of a Hollywood-Celeb trend thing or something, but i am certain i don't want to do.


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