Thursday, July 27

Gilmore mom or Daughter?

Someone once asked me (He will remain un-named...) who i would rather Bang--the Gilmore Mom or the Gilmore Daughter. It didn't actually take me a long time to muster an answer. More importantly though--what on God's green Earth evoked the curious question? Maybe he saw that episode when Gilmore mom wore sweats with the word "JUICY" embroidered across her ass cheeks... Coincidentally i just saw a couple of movies in which both Gilmore Girls were in. Gilmore Mom was in a movie called "The Pacifier" with Vin Diesel while Gilmore Daughter was in this movie called "Sisterhood of the traveling Pants". And believe it or not i saw the Pilot episode of "The Gilmore Girls" 5 years ago. I remember vaguely that she was in that sitcom "NewsRadio", remember that show? But anyway Gilmore Girls only lasted a mere show for me. Not that i didn't like it i'm just not much of a TV person. I think the last Full TV Season i saw was "The Sopranos" and "NYPD Blue". I've reduced my TV viewing to select channels like National Geographic, Travel, Discovery, ESPN and the like... They are not only interesting and educational but possess the Real reality TV. And we all know reality TV is where the life-like Drama really lies. Its not that staged bullshit from shows like "The Amazing Race" or the epistupid shows that make people consume bugs and insects. TV has become gaudy and un-interesting in my opinion... I prefer watching Wolves in their natural habitat taking down large preys, the Dodgers lose 10 successive games, Globe Trekking on the Travel channel, cooking shows, searching for the lochness monster and Poker shows... That's Drama!

To expand on my TV elitism; i thought that NBC show called "Ed" was worthy. I saw everything until the final episode of the season. It had certain characteristics that appealed to me. It was funny, very witty, and can even be called realistic. So realistic in fact that I think i was trying to live Ed's life vicariously although he kept disappointing me. He never did what i wanted or what i expected him to do and despite of that i almost made it to the finale. It was like the Network purposely made him dimwitted when it came to women. Anyway i gave up on him...

Let us reach into the bottom end of my TV echelon. In my opinion "Dawson's Creek" outlived its expected lifespan. I saw only the pilot episode on this one too. The problem with this High School melo-drama, although smartly written, is the dialogues of the characters who are suppose to be in High School. It was overly matured and perhaps borderline pedantic. This turned me off immediately. Kids don't talk that way anywhere... At least "Charmed" has got a lot of cleavage... and "Grey's Anatomy" would probably double its ratings if Katherine Heigl showed a little skin. Just an idea (

So who would i rather bang? Who the heck do you think???


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