Sunday, July 23

Summer of Discontent

7/22/06. Woodland Hills, California 119 degrees Fahrenheit, an all time record... If it was 119 in Woodland Hills it must have been near 130 further inland (Palmdale was 126). Even my friend Wagih who was born and raised in the barren desserts of Egypt said he'd never seen heat like that ever. Imagine the audacity, an Arab complaining about the heat in Southern California lol.... Damn thats heat. And although i've converted to a Snow Man, I grew up in the Philippines and i know what heat is like, but yesterday was unbeaaaarably HOT.

Foxy and Toby (my dogs) both plopped themselves in the air conditioned living room. I'm sure they're grateful of that especially Foxy who is practically wearing a fur coat as a fur. Toby on the other hand has a thin coat and likes to prance around and bark at people was content to just dull about.

In the relative cool of the air conditioned house it was too hot to move even after a shower. I actually blame the heat for losing our Championship Game in the morning haha. Anyway, with the heat messing up my day, i actually just stayed in my room staring at the ceiling fan hoping somehow it would turn into winter or for the Coors Light train to come zooming through my room.

Still not convince it was that hot? Okay how about this -- Jee called me wondering if i'd still host my regular Sunday Tournament even with the Heat-- lol... Some people in Southern California were probably dying of heat exhaustion and all he could think about was Weather Poker was still on... the next day lol... I was happy to announce though that after my short hibernation with the ceiling fan, i along with my dad and uncle, installed an AC unit in the Poker Room. Needless to say Jee was ecstatic.

I hope we get a break from this record setting heat soon because this ain't California-like. Not Vegas, not Egypt, and not even the Philippines get this hot...


At 1:00 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

Dude I saw you on TV and you was HOT! LOL


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