Thursday, July 20

India or Bust II

Ironically after blogging diatribes about losing my job to India they've ask me to possibly fly there if they feel adequate training was not performed. Right now two employees from India are here training on our systems for 4 weeks. Quite honestly learning everything we support in 4 weeks is not only a daunting task but nearly impossible. You have to be like Einstein i suppose to be able to ingest all that data in such a short time and then turn around fly almost halfway around the world and train your peers. I don't doubt their skill level but even the best of them will not grasp it all in a mere month...

When i expressed interest in the prospect of going to India i was half kidding. In fact in my official email to our Department Head all that i wrote was the following "Uhmm i'd like to vacation in India thanks... ". Never did it occur to me i might be considered. I mean seriously i'm slacking off most of the time and i once got in trouble for refusing to train a new Techie lol. I suppose i wanted to be considered because otherwise we weren't required to officially say yes or no. If you were not interested whatsoever then all you had to do was do nothing at all. The mere fact that i sent an email, even though a mockery, i'm sure i half expected them to pick me despite my noncholance. Maybe its the Leo in me i don't know haha.

This whole cost cutting measure has truly taken a life of its own. Sort of like Jennifer Love Hewitt's breast. Admittedly she says that her voluptuous breast has a career of their own. Anyway as i've mentioned before by deciding to outsource our quasi stellar Department the Company is saving almost an incalculable amount of money annually considering the miniscule amount of money they're going to pay the Indians. So having said that i was almost impressed that they'd planned on sending two people there for over 4 weeks at the end of our stint here in California. Of course it's most beneficial to the Company than anyone but the opportunity for travel even though it would keep me out of the job market for a month is too good to pass up (... well for me anyway).Not to mention they just bombed a train station in Bombay, shit, yea that should be fun. But don't worry if i do end up going i'll be near the coast somewhere far away from the explosives and hopefully near that babes. I mean how often do you get to go travel to an exotic country (even for work). Sure it ain't Bali or or Bora Bora, but heck, how often do you get to travel to an exotic country, right???

But anyway no more than two weeks after the announcement they'd repealed the two-man crew citing cost. Not only did they decide to send only 1 person but also incremented the 4 weeks abroad within the rest of our time here in California. To add to the travesty Dumbass Kirk the Head of the Entire IT Enterprise, when asked the real reason why they're getting rid of us, said an actual survey proved that 80% of our clients preferred Support from overseas hahaha. Thats about the most preposterous shit i've ever heard anyone say about our Clients. Coming from our IT head no less. In fact i'm pretty sure its the last thing they want. Why he ouldn't say "cost cutting measure" with a straight face will forever escape me. What a stupid jerk.

Luckily i think my pal Carlo is their first choice to go now that they've decided to send only one person. The prospect of going to a different country alone seems lonely. But I think Carlo might be using this trip to get away from the wife and three kids hahaha. For me on the other hand the idea of being sent to a strange country by the same Company sending my job and my colleagues jobs away is strangely appealing. I don't even know anything about India. Except for like Jeff Corwin catching King Cobras in the jungle and like the Elephants and stuff. But heck its an all expense paid trip with an American Express expense card to flash around while i'm frolicking the streets of Bangalore (and a lap top). So if i get to go i'll work half-ass, drinks lots of coffee hope they got 7Eleven eat gourmet Indian food and get drunk as often as humanly possible. Besides the last time i lost my job all i got was my last check and a free Cab Ride home. This time i get Taj Mahal.

And if i don't get to go at least i get a free US Passport which i'll need in the future anyway...


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