Monday, June 26

The fray that is LA Erotica

Ahh porn, the ultimate stimuli, the natural aphrodisiac, the once taboo now widely accepted form of entertainment. I mean what's not to like? Beautiful unclothed women doing naughty things we often only experience perhaps in the dark confines of our bedroom. That is if you are lucky enough to have met such libidinous women.

But i've always found porn superfluous anyway. And thanked heavens for the invention of the DVD i no longer have to endure the tedious task of fast forwarding. I am sure you know what i mean... When i watch the theatric often melodramatic acts of sex in porn flicks it always almost felt silly, why must the girl squeal so loudly and why the music? And so with remote in hand i skip the non-essentials. I mean its porn, if i wanted to see a lot of kissing and necking i could always rent Basic Instinct. And what is it with the narrative porn flicks? In my opinion porn should be kept simple. Forget the exotic locations and the chateau's with the wide panoramic views of the wilderness or the blue expansive ocean. The bedroom is quite fine. But what do i know, i suppose the porn industry obliges what its patrons seek. Hence the vast enterprise.

The LA Erotica brings many of the top porn stars together at the convention center annually. And even though i only watch free porn and couldn't be considered a true patron of the art of porn, i've attended for the 2nd year in a row. Thanks to Adrian and the free tickets hehe. And it's apparent that this year's convention was quite a success. "We feel very confident that we'll meet our goal of about 50,000 visitors" said Cindy Cheer, marketing manager for Erotica L.A., which is produced by the AVN Media Network.

Majority of the time, specially on Saturdays, with the exception of a Dodger game or a Grand Prix you wouldn't find me joining in the fray seeking a glimpse, an autograph and or pictures of favorite sex symbols. I just don't find the satisfaction in it. But what the heck, its free so why the hell not. Besides it's good for male bonding, no pun intended. So while i'm prancing around fixing my gaze on hotties after hotties and when the line isn't so bad i'll ask gentlemanly to take a picture. I mean why not right, i'm already there... A friend and co-worker Mark actually thanked me profusely, like you might thank someone for saving your life, for taking him with me and the pictures with the girls lol. Otherwise he wouldn't have bothered asking, he said... Shit what are we suppose to do there then, gawk?

So this is all in good fun. I'm actually compiling pictures from friends digital cams to post on my website. And as usual i play Professional Photo Journalist and scrutinize the quality and worthiness of a picture. I don't really have a knack for taking great pictures but rather take many pictures and base my decisions on a good face and a smile. Simple really, if i had taken a picture with Tera Patrick and she happen to do the sleepy eyes then the picture is deemed unworthy... What i find most deserving of reproach however are the people who insist on posing ala porn star when taking pictures with the porn stars because they almost always wind up looking sleazy or gaudy and quite honestly stupid. Leave the posing to the porn stars yo, stand there look at the camera and don't forget to smile... such as the excellent picture below!


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