Tuesday, August 15

Koolgreen Theory

Like many aspects of life i always try to put meaning into things. My own application of the Freudian Psycho Analysis so to speak. Like why my favorite color is green. It is not because " Team Koolgreen" my favorite defunct Race Team (Champ Car Team with Dario Franchitti behind the wheel. Who, incidentally, is married to actress Ashley Judd, one of my favorite classic beauties) was colored green. I liked green way before then... Maybe because its attributable to many good things. Green means fresh or young, green can be greenminded or perverse (okay this one is not good), green can also be attributed to the environmentalists who keep the Earth Green or clean. In introspect, i am all of those in some ways hehe... Maybe green because its the color of money or something... But perhaps i like green simply because its pleasing to the eyes (my eyes anyway) and nothing to do with psychosis at all. Its not stark like black or blue or strident like yellow or red.

Green is probably the most difficult color to work with. Although green can be found anywhere (trees, grass, traffic lights etc...) it doesn't blend well in society. It's like the least favorite color of all time. For instance, you never saw Charlize Theron or Rita Hayworth wear green at the Oscars. Okay that's a bad example. What about Ferraris? They never come in Green, and undoubtedly, never will. In fact when i tell people my car is green i get the sneery face and it's not even a Ferrari. Interestingly enough--Porsche, arguably the 2nd best sports car in the world, looks drop-dead in green and somewhat plain in red... Indulge me and picture your car in your head, then ask yourself this--would it look good in green? The odds are it'll look better in yellow or several other colors and their myriad of shades before green. Additionally, it probably doesn't come in green.

Being green is not all hangups though. Green has its moments. It is associated to cleaning the air, promoting land conservation, and improving water quality, and in many ways promoting the overall conservation of ecology, and although you might not consider me an advocate, i am a big fan (i've even donated money to Wolf Conservation). Yes its even got its own day dedicated to it, its called Earth Day i think. Ironically enough the gases solely responsible for Global Warming are called Green-House gases... Weird right?

For educational purposes (lol) they're called Green-House gases because the gases expelled into the Earth's atmosphere like Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide insulate the heat from the sun hence causing a greenhouse effect. How you like that Mr Gore??

Alright alright enough of this trivial stuff... I like green even though it is so hard to find other colors to mesh it with. And maybe that's precisely why i like it. It's like going after the girl who plays hard-to-get rather than the promiscuous one. It's more gratifying... If the world's color spectrum were up to me, Green would dominate, including cars (with the exception of Ferraris of course), buildings, the fashion industry, electronics (green ipods- imagine that) etc... In the interest of keeping it Green i am currently painting my room green with contrasting white along the window sills and the closet edges to keep it somewhat normal. I thought of painting the entire room Green but that would seem preposterous even to a green guy like me. Besides its a real dark shade of green like Steve Mcqueen's 68' Mustang in the movie Bulitt. Highland Green its called i believe...


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