Sunday, August 13

If not a perfect Day

I was going to have dinner with an old friend Saturday evening but i was so tired i decided to stay in and watch a movie called "Sorry, Haters". The movie turned out to be stupid. I had spent the previous day painting my room, a trip to Fry's with my cousin Adrian where i made some miscellaneous purchases like back-up batteries for my smoke-detectors, and the evening spent at the Dodger game against hated rival-- the San Francisco Giants. A day like that only comes along once in a blue moon. Think about it. I was painting my room (green if you're wondering... what else?) then i broke off for Fry's for a much needed -Electronic-Gear-Theraphy (men's version of window-shopping) and to close out the day, a Dodger night cap, i mean come on!!!. That's a lap-dance shy of a perfect day if you ask me...

And so, having just spent almost the perfect guy-day, what do you think i should've done for an encore? A date with a hot chick? More Baseball? Better yet--Strip Club? Nope... Better. What, something better than an almost perfect guy-day? --Maria Sharappova vs Elena Dementieva-- Yess i'm talking about women's tennis. Two hot Russians who don't even like each other. My sister, her BF, my friend Gerry and i attended the JP Morgan Chase tennis match at the Home Depot Center in Carson California. This would be Gerry's first time at a pro tennis match. Men's or Women's. I don't know about you guys but women's tennis is my guiltiest pleasure--not listening to Justine Timberlake's music like some guys i know haha. Gerry was so happy to be there he was almost salivating. He took videos and photos and i'm sure recorded a million mental-images which will forever be etched in his dirty mind. I think he only paid attention to the player on the near court if you know what i mean lol. And oh Gerry-- it's not moaning Maria is doing. It's called grunting. You perv...

But anyway, when i got home from Tennis, i didn't bother calling back my would be date. That's not to say i was guaranteed service, or that she would go out with me at all, but i didn't call her back. Perhaps nothing, or no girl, would ever be desirable enough to quell the grunting hotness from the two Russian babes i just witnessed who sounded like they were trying to take each others head off. Perhaps i was afraid of a let down. Gerry would agree i'm sure-- i mean that was HOT. Hottest thing i've seen since watching Kournikova practice in her tiny shorts at the 1999 Acura Classics in Manhattan Beach... Anyway Maria lost the match on unforced errors... (Some guy from the crowd cried-out "I still love you Maria" after she missed an overhead volley lol... What a loser, but, hey, i love her too)

I actually debated with myself for a good 2 hours whether to call her or not. Ultimately i decided i'll be too tired to socialize. Only problem was-- it was only 5:45 PM. See that's way too early for a DVD. So to pass time i went online to window-shop for Poker Tables, which, i had been planning to do to for quite some time now. Surprisingly i found a regulation size Poker Table with cup-holders on for $156.00. Heck, that's it? We spent over $450.00 for my first table (Thanks Jon!!) that's like a Mac G6 selling for only $500... "I'm all over it" i told myself . So against my better judgment, which is to say i should have called first (... moron), i jumped out of my seat and jumped into my truck and drove to the nearest Sports Chalet only to find out they didn't carry the item. Crap i even folded the back-seats already. I even had the guy call the Porter Ranch store to check but to no avail.

Tired and empty handed, i went home disappointed, but, not without a plan. I figured, if i fixed the folding Poker Table-Top to where it no longer required me to fold it 3-ways, it wouldn't be so tedious to put away. Besides, folding it in and out of its bag is causing some real bad wear & tear. So determined to fix the situation i broke out some power tools. First, using a Power Staple Gun, i stapled all the loose felt around the edges. Second, i used three 5 foot 5/1 inch plywood to reinforce the bottom. Lastly, i affixed running-board edges plus handle bars for easy stow-away purposes. Now the Poker Table-Top looks like something out of a Home Depot project by someone who really has no clue what he's doing. But no matter, the objective was to simplify matters anyway...


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