Thursday, February 22

The Cabin & the Pictures

I estimate that we took a combined 500 pictures during the trip between 4 digital cameras. Typically i am the only one flashing pictures on these mythic skiing trips so this was quite a different experience for me. But i am very glad because in most cases i am not in the damn pictures. I really wish i had an equal interest in posting pictures on my website as blogging because I'd probably rival that of the Museum of Tolerance in sheer numbers. I personally took 105 pictures on my digicam but after my process of elimination only 31 made it on the website. Not because the rest were deemed unworthy but mostly because i didn't want to deal with 105 pictures. For those unaware, posting pictures on a website is not merely downloading the pictures from the digicam into the Computer, then uploading to the website. Although my site templates are pre-made, there's still quite a bit of tweaking involved before they're deemed worthy of a website appearance. There is a process.

I don't wanna bore you with this stuff so I'm going to try to make it as concise as possible. First and foremost i apply my own version of a Darwin-like Natural Selection Process. Although in this particular set of pictures i felt all of the pictures are website worthy so i applied the more tranquil mini mini mi nemoe method instead. After the selection process the worthy digicam pictures are enhanced via Photoshop to fix any exposure or imperfections (such as red eye and the like. I don't think i bothered this time though haha). After which, the fixed pictures are resized to be more manageable and browser friendly. If it sounds cumbersome, it is. I think Adrian cheated and just dumped all of the pictures unto his website because he has like 70 +. It may turn out to be genius though (i might do that from now on). I'm really tempted to post the 70 other pictures i have...

The cabin was almost beyond reproach (but only in terms of the coolness factor lol). Though i can't say the same about the parking situation. For some odd reason they neglected to plow the snow leaving only two spots for two different units. Luckily both units only had one car each. Still, it was kind of disappointing. See, the sliding doors in the first floor of the Cabin (Yes there were two floors. The last time i stayed in a place like this was in 1998 lol) leads to a spacious plaza-like area used not only for parking but for kids to play and maybe even for us adults to frolic around if nothing else. It was real shame, a waste of space. Its like my Poker Room without the LCD I've coveted for so long (damn that Philippine Airlines). But anyhow, although i have never spent this much money on any snowboarding trip before, we were all glad to have paid the extra money (Average expense on a given trip is around $260 each. We paid that much for the Cabin alone. DOH!!). The place was comfortably spacious and very well furnished. The flat screen TV's in every room was a very nice touch while the WiFi Internet Connection was complete and utter Heaven especially for my sister lol. The interior of the Cabin was sort of neo-classical in a way because of the combination of modern technology and the old rustic stuff. Although i am not a big fan of that it does make life easier in more ways than one. Even the Jersey Girl who is well traveled and unduly pampered seemed impressed with the place.

My bed was a little stiffer than what i am used to but i like that it sat high up unto this wonderful and rigid Log bed frame. I have never seen anything like it (i tried humping and it didn't make any noise whatsoever lol). The other room had sort of an unconventional Bed. It's a bunk bed except the bottom part is King Sized. It looks almost goofy... Trixy felt very homey in the Kitchen where she spent most of her time making us her wonderful Guacamole and salsa when not in front of the TV with Adrian. On Friday night her Motherly instincts kicked into High Gear, she made us Chicken Adobo for dinner which i initially thought as a boring proposition since, well, we were out of town, who wants Adobo?? It made me furrow my brow if you know what i mean... But the more i thought about it the more i became convinced that it may have been exactly what we needed, some Motherly love. Five Filipino kids nestled in the vast wilderness of Mammoth Mountain. Hmmm, we were a long ways from Sea Food City if you know what i mean hahaha. The adobo turned up to be really really good, that or i was starved to death (no offense Trixy). The Jersey Girl, who'd promised to help cook never actually helped, although i think she hung around the kitchen to make it seem like she was a lot of help, cunning that girl just kidding. Well, she was at least able to force me to eat breakfast on Sunday Morning which is more than anyone could do... My sister spent a lot of time in the kitchen too, but not to help in anyway but rather to mule over her Gmail and Friendster on my lap top. Well, she did cut like two tomatoes for Trixy.

In addition to the parking situation I have a couple of other quirks about the cabin. Obviously, my regular snowboarding friends and i are a little more shoddy in cabin taste. However, be that as it may be, these putative little cabins i noticed offer essential amenities that aren't necessarily available in these relatively stupendous cabins. I couldn't find a broom for instance. I was waxing my snowboard as i usually do on the eve of a Snowboarding Day and had to pick up the wax by hand (plus the vacuum couldn't hack it). $350 a night and no broom, whats up with that? The cabin was also without a washer and dryer. Hmmn, I suppose they think the spaciousness and the ornate interior makes up for the lack of essentials. It's an annoyance if you ask me...


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