Friday, February 9

Parlement of Foules Part II

Tuesday, 2006 Valentines. Without a date i devised other fun ways to spend my Valentines evening. My thought initially was to make it a blockbuster night but Naturally Devising alternate options on such nights always involved some kind of Poker. Ever since the conception of the revered Koolgreen Poker Tour, most if not all of our activities culminate into Poker. So like a devoted Poker Director, I got all the boys together (at least the single ones without dates) and had a one of a kind romantic candle lit Poker Tournament........... Well okay I'm kidding but the turnout was a surprising 14 players strong.

Dates aren't always indispensable on this romantic night, but, if having fun is your thing, a dinner date is not always a bad idea. There are many intangible benefits about dining out with a girl whether it's a hot date or not. I have dined out with a woman many a times without an ulterior motive before (believe it or not). You may think it's a waste of time but i would beg to differ. "It's highly entertaining" my friend likes to say (though not necessarily about dating). I couldn't put it any better than that. It is the ultimate Ice Breaker especially for new couples or friends for that matter. Dissolves that invisible barrier between man and woman if you will. If anything, it's good practice (especially if you have no intentions whatsoever with the girl). I think if we need anything at all when it comes to dating, it probably is more practice. Think about it, we practice almost every aspect of life. Why not dating? Besides how many bad dates have you been in? Saying None would be straight out Arrogant...

That said, even with much practice, i haven't had much luck with dating nor i can honestly say I'm comfortable with it. They've always been to a fault, sort of anti-climactic for me mostly because of my inability to live in the Moment (or my inability to recognize it anyway). My last two dates were almost disastrous to put it loosely. The last one in particular was inconceivably stupid (refer to the 'How Harry met Sally' blog entry and you'll understand). Basically i messed up so bad that if she smacked me in the face with her tall fruity drink I'd have blushed like an idiot in embarrassment. Luckily she wasn't crazy enough to do that. Let's just say her threshold for boy stupidness is higher than normal.

This Valentines may be the next Chapter in my colorful dating history. This one though is a little different, a kind of date maybe even i couldn't screw up. Although it isn't a Jerry Maguire sure thing (You had me at hello...) the date is something you might call an implied one. Nevertheless, it is a date however implied it may be. After all, a Rose by any other name is still a Rose, right?

Implications are boring i know. It's a buzz kill. First dates are suppose to be exciting and more importantly unpredictable. However, implied or predictable as this date may be, it should be fun. We've known each other literally all our lives, thus, conversations needn't be inhibited or boring. I won't have to be innocuously charming or overly gentleman-like. I could just be myself (though i won't hurt to be gentleman-like I'm sure). Conversely of course, being myself could be my undoing. I suppose i gotta make sure i don't do anything stupid. I'll be sure to be on my best behavior and hopefully try not to be too creative.

To eliminate any unwanted surprises or mishaps i drove to Old Town Pasadena to try to scope out the place. I mean the last thing i need is to get lost on the way there, right? Don't worry i haven't turned methodic just yet. I am still my old nonchalant self but this one deserved a little more attention than my average date. I drove out after my Basketball game in Eagle Rock just a few exits from Pasadena. Besides i needed to pick up my Tax Refund stuff from my accountants office conveniently located in Old Town Pasadena as well. I have never done this before, i felt a bit like a Serial Killer painstakingly staging another murder making sure it goes off without a hitch. Ironically, after I'd finished with my Accountant i completely forgot about scoping out my Valentines Date Venue and went straight home. Yep some kind of a Serial Killer...


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