Monday, July 26

The L.A. 4th Street Bridge... My way

The primary scene on this particular "Juxtaposition of the female form vs the environment" photoshoot was (as the title states) on the 4th street bridge with the downtown skyscrapers on the backdrop. My only instruction to my model was not to "Glamorize" the scene (she is a great glamour model) but rather to make it seem like there's just this random nude girl on the Bridge (see first photo). It's kind of a Contradiction, meaning it isn't every day that you see random nude people on a bridge or on public roads period... It was actually one of the few times in which I gave a model absolutely no leeway on a pose. I had a very particular one in mind and I think she did a pretty awesome job at it...

But of course although the Bridge Shot was the only scene I really cared for on this particular shoot, that didn't mean I couldn't have fun with other scenes. The guy on some of the photos is my good friend Frank. I thought he'd make as a good "contrast" against my model :)


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