Monday, February 7

The Big Mountain 2/18/05

My annual Mammoth trip..... 8 years running

8 years wow. I've had lots of fond memories at this Mountain, well except when i went down a trail forgot to put my goggles on and tried to put it on on the fly hit an icy spot and tumbled a good 10 times 30 yards down the trail and resulting in a mini concussion. Winter of 2000 i set up 4 trips most notably the 3rd trip in Febuary with 18 guys in a large 4 bed + loft cabin.

I remember my first time in Mammoth Mountain. Febuary of 1998. The very first run off the lifts Patrick and William headed down the trail like two pro's while Kris and i got stuck buried Hip Deep in snow unsure how to snowboard suddenly.
Feb 2004, broke my tire chains right after installation. I tried to fix it but to no avail. I had to swallow my pride and pay the repair man at the Chain stop to fix one chain link.. lol. Ahh the memories..

Some of these old Snowboard buddies have retired 'so to say' due to various reasons, Marriage or gf or maybe just financial reasons. Alfred has separated with the wife and is unable to afford the trips anymore. Stan no longer an avid one but still makes at least 1 or 2 trips per season to Bear Mountain. Frank the same. Art moved in got married and was never heard from again, although i heard he is still boarding but only with the wifey. Kris, Conrad and i on the other hand still going strong 8 years running. Well except Winter of 2003 when i broke my ankle and was unable to hit the slopes.

Kris and i over the years had only been Winter friends, as i like to call it. But lately had been closer friends due to frequent poker tournaments. And to that i am grateful as i had made good friendships not only with Kris but of his friends as well.

Febuary, my favorite time of year. Febuary just never ceases to amaze me. Its always been the best time to head out to the Slopes of Mammoth. It snows. Nothing beats the view from the winshield of snow falling and evaporating not a moment before it graces the winshield, i'm still not sure why it evaporates right before the winshield, perhaps its the heat (because eventually they start accumulating). I remember trips with 5 feet of snow accumulating in one afternoon. Well this Febuary we do it again. This time with some new friends. A good friend Rose has decided to try her legs on the snow and she is bringing along her friends Cindy, Mel and Tim. 3 nights and 2 full days of snowboarding.

See ya at the slopes!


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