Tuesday, February 14

Parlement of Foules: A Valentines Tale

It's ubiquitous, a lot of people at work men & women, single or married think that Valentines Day is overrated. I happen to think Valentines Day is great, its an opportunity for lovers especially new lovers to do something special for each other. Okay, granted, they say everyday in a relationship should special, right? Wrong.... now that statement is overrated, another one of life's cliche's. It is a nice sentiment and one that should perhaps be a paradigm for lovers... but lets be honest everyday should be a special day is quite... bullshit really. But i trully believe Valentines day is an important day. Lest we forget... the true significance. Valentine was a Roman Christian who according to tradition was martyred during the persecution of Christians... And this day, Saint Valentines Day was primarily celebrated in his honor but is also linked with the custom of choosing sweethearts. The custom of choosing sweethearts what better day to take your mate on a Romantic evening?

I've been single for over three years now so i can honestly say that Valentines Day is no big deal, it just doesn't apply to me. But i don't walk around saying "this stupid Valentines Day thing is overrated". To make a visceral analogy... its like taking Frank to a strip club without his wallet and credit cards... wait.. that doesn't make sense, hahhaha!!!!

Last week when i realized Valentines Day was just around the corner the first thing i did was check what day it fell on. I discovered that it fell on a Tuesday which is a KPT poker day. Why i even became curious is still a mystery to me... perhaps i wanted to make plans, poker plans that is. So i talked to Josh my trusted KPT consultant who has a very nice Filipina girlfriend Paula and asked his opinion on setting up a game on said day. Josh of course immediately and dutifully admonished the idea because he is taking his lady out... nice hand Josh. Scott cheered on the idea and so did Jee and Jerome, and i don't expect anything less from those boys.

My friend Cathey is not overly zealous about Valentines, i wonder if 3 kids and being divorced did that to her... lol. On the other hand my other friend Rose who is quite the compulsive person said she is not expecting much from her guy due to previous disappointing Valentines Day experiences, but she asked her BF if they were doing something anyway... the BF, according to her, simply replied Yes we are. Of course her compulsive nature interpreted the lethargic response as a ho-hum kind of an evening... but its their first Valentines together so maybe he's got something up his sleeve. Of course she is unconvinced. But if you ask me, i wouldn't even inquire if there is a plan, i'd just keep the evening open. I think a romantic evening out is implied for a loving couple on their first Valentines Day, don't you think?? So... in behalf of all men you are killing the element of surprise, Rose!!!

My cousin Adrian thinks that Valentines is overrated, and to my surprise, so does his girlfriend Trixy. They are going to KFC tonight for dinner. Well i don't have much to say about the two because they are pretty much the modern day Romeo & Juliet... love connoisseurs of sorts. But i completely disagree with their V-Day philosophy and i'm single.

My Valentines Day on the other hand consisted of a text message from an ex gf "Hey Marc, i'm sending you my Luv on this day... Happy Valentines Day".... My response= "Calm down woman"... hahahaha


At 11:32 AM, Blogger zenmasta said...

Actually, we got coffee at Starbucks and watched Ocean's Eleven.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

I watched "In her Shoes" and "Doom" with my mom... and my dogs


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