Thursday, January 12

Red Eye

Until tonight i had no clue what "Red Eye" meant. Somehow (before the movie Red Eye anyway) i thought the term had to do with locomotive transport. Of course that makes absolutely no sense, nor i have flown since i my Marriage in 1997 (or taken the Red Eye for that matter).

I first saw Rachel McAdams in the pre-Lindsay Lohan anorexia movie, Mean Girls. Besides her breast and cute freckles, i never was a big Lohan fan, in Mean Girls i thought Rachel was the cutest girl (If you're wondering why i saw the movie, i borrowed from my cousin haha). Next up was The Notebook... i'll explain why. My mom, the person responsible for my love of reading (specially Novels) came home one day with a book entitled The Notebook, naturally it piqued my interest, then i saw a preview of the movie. I had no interest in reading the book because its outside the genre of my liking but movies are generally good when based on a best selling book (and for the record i saw it with a girl haha). And lastly she was also in Wedding Crashers with the surprising but very lovable black hair.

In Red Eye she's back in her natural hair color. I haven't finished the movie yet because i've got the Laker game on (Kobe just hit 3 jumpers in a row, Lebron missed a free-throw and a last second shot to lose the game). But Adrian said it best, Rachel McAdams just made my top 30 list... i couldn't agree more!


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