Thursday, December 29

Must love Dogs

So i rented Must Love Dogs with John Cusack and Diane Lane and was going to watch it Tuesday night during my Poker game but as it turns out, because of the holiday season, it was a day late. Plus i don't think the guys would have approved anyhow (but i was gonna do it really).

I think Diane Lane is HOT and i've always like John Cusack, he's a cool dude. So Wednesday night i skipped Poker at Jerome's house... besides i designated Wed night for treadmill+movie night. So i let the dogs in and popped in the DVD (i have in my den my PC, treadmill, TV+dvd and poker tables.... it's the perfect room). As you might already know the movie is a total chick flick but i did have a 6 pack of Heineken to ease the pain (although i only had 1 beer... hey i had to run after the movie).

It turned out to be a good movie, not too mushy and even funny... I even tapped the felt on the Poker table twice after the movie ended as if I'd just lost to the nuts....

The Nuts... in poker... means the absolute unbeatable hand


At 7:31 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

Did the movie happen to have Jack Ace twice?


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