Sunday, December 11

Surprise Surprise its a White Guy

Yes yes my brothers... we have lost yet another one.
(Forget New Jersey Part II)

Actually file two of them in the dubious & sad "lost to the white guy" statistic because Jaja's sister Marie is engaged to be married to yes, a white guy. I knew before hand that Marie had a boyfriend as well, it just never, i repeat, never occurred to me that it might be a white guy... i mean Jaja (1 out of 3 sisters) likes white guys, another one of the sisters converting just seemed vile and unfair so perhaps i ruled it out. But during lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Manhattan Beach Jaja mentioned her sister and her fiance.... and then i had a sudden inkling to ask and in my head i said "I bet anything its a white guy" . So to quell my curiosity i asked her "Hey Ja, is he white??"... shit she didn't even have to respond, her face said it all. I'm not sure if it was the dignified "of course he is Caucasian" or the more sullen "Yes he is" but her face quantified it. Of course at this point of the day including several weeks leading to her visit here in California she'd heard my obstinate and eloquent diatribes about nice Filipino girls going white. She's played it cool so far when i ranted (which was frequent)... she is actually disturbingly amused. She has tried to explain her conversion to the white side... but i wouldn't i have it lol.

I picked her up from the Airport with Ana (the youngest sis.. who now lives here in LA... i guess she is the smart one haha). I'm not surprised at all that she hardly aged... of course she has that aura of maturity (but she always did) but she looks no where near 30. Even though we barely spoke of our personal lives during our chat sessions online she warmed up to me fairly quickly and confessed the real reason why she broke up their engagement and ultimately their relationship (of course i will not share her personal details on this blog). I never really thought i would ever see this girl again so talking to her in my car, reminiscing about our old High School days over drinks (my sister joined us in Santa Monica in the evening) and about our childhood and growing up in the small scroungy but memorable town of Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac (Philippines) was wonderfully & delightfully heartwarming.

For years and years i was crazy about her but never really had a real chance because i was a diffident... i was soo timid & shy around her. Of course now i'm grown and a different man so its just silly to be shy anymore and although i don't have any inherent expectations or intent during her stay here it is self preserving and i guess redemptive to be somehow charming to her so i will be showing her around LA a little (and will try my damnest to dissuade her away from the white guy way in the process hahaha.. i'm doing it for the Team lol). After drinks in Santa Monica i drove her to her friends house in Buena Park where she is staying for a week (of course i took the long way around haha). Talking and listening to her during the schemed long drive was intoxicating... i felt like Kramer from Seinfeld exclaiming "i'm out there Jerry and i'm loving every minute of it" hahaha. Yep she's got a ways about her. No other girl had i ever longed for as much & touched me as profoundly... and i never even dated her.

On a more inspiring note... their hot youngest sister Ana is a lesbian... Well thanked God for that!!!


At 5:03 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

You just quoted Seinfeld... That means you just spoke like a white guy... Ouch!

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

yer fucked...

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous anabell said...

haha that is funny.....


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