Tuesday, November 22

Amber Cloey

I dropped off my dry cleaning last Wednesday at Jenny's 6 hour dry cleaning (Keyword: six hours). At 10 am Saturday my clothes were not ready... Instead of having a cow i got the heck out of there and rushed home to dig out another dress pants from my closet (it's now Tuesday and i haven't picked it up yet... coz i'm still mad at the guy). I had to be in Carson at noon which is an hour away to attend Amber Cloey's baptism. She is the first child of my dear friend Christian and he asked me to be Godfather. So to hell with the suit i couldn't miss this.

(If Jenny had kept her promise of 6 hours and the suit made it out of the cleaners on time i would've been over dressed lol... damn Filipinos never dress appropriately.. and forgive the awful pictures.. my sister took em')

That's me on the far right. The priest rendered a very lengthy traditional homily for the parents and the godparents. So lengthy in fact that i expected the actual christening ceremony itself grandiose... but it was rather swift. But heck i was hungry so i dismissed the letdown. Were off to the reception!

And the star of the show... Amber Cloey with parents Christian & Donna


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