Wednesday, October 26

The bad cell phone Samaritan

I am a creature of habit I like things a certain way. I make my bed in the morning, shower, feed the dogs and get coffee before heading out to work (in that order). Every Tuesday morning I stop by the Blockbuster to pick up new movies and I like to get gas on Sunday morning before work when the station is least congested. On Thursdays (day off) I like to get up before 10 am to lift weights at the local gym then play basketball in the afternoon and maybe run some errands somewhere in between. My habit is not to the point of compulsiveness but I like things a certain way. One of the things I don't leave home without among other things is my cell phone which is today's blog topic.

Anyhow when I arrived at work on Tuesday I realized that I was missing my cell phone. Like any normal human being I immediately tried to decipher my problem because it was messing up my equilibrium. After a while i decided that I probably just left it at home. When I arrived home I discovered that my cell was not in its cradle. I sat down and rewinded my day in my head prior to discovering the missing cell phone. I stopped by the Filipino restaurant Pinoy Pinay to get lunch but I didn't recall opening my cell so I couldn't have left it there. Next stop was the Chevron Gas station (where I bought coffee) then the Blockbuster next door. I didn't get any calls or text in the morning so I didn't have any reason to take my cell out of my pocket.

Maybe I did take it out but I just don't remember. I decided then to call my own cell to see if a good Samaritan kept it until someone called so he or she could report the missing cell to the caller. When I picked up my home phone the voicemail LCD was blinking (at 8 pm). It was the cashier guy from Chevron reporting my missing cell phone. I immediately called him back. The phone kept ringing (which means it was on) but was repeatedly ignored. On the 5th attempt the guy finally picked up. I thanked him for leaving a message and safe keeping my phone. I also asked him to turn off the cell keep it overnight and that I will pick it up first thing before heading out to work, he agreed. I soon realized after I hung up that a bigger mystery just unfolded. How did he know my house number? I juggled some ideas then decided that the most logical answer is that someone who called gave him my house number. But still... The idea of this guy picking up my calls was somewhat unsettling. But anyhow I decided to let it go enjoy the game and consider the matter solved.

In the bottom of the 9th inning of the World Series game three (somewhere close to 9:30 pm) my home phone rings. Do you have any idea where your cell phone is says the familiar voice (its my ex wife) Yes I said, its at the Chevron in Simi Valley. I thought so coz it sounded like someone else answering your cell phone, she said. (Did he forget to turn it off?) What time did you call? I inquired curiously. Just now she said. (which is over 1 hour after I asked the guy to turn off my cell phone... Now I am pissed off) Apparently this guy tried to have a conversation with my ex wife, even flirting with her as a matter of fact. My ex wife said he even said he loved her... Whaaat?? I stammered in disbelief, are you sure? Why would I make something like that up, she said. She immediately hung up after realizing it wasn't me (by virtue of I love you?) and called my house. I thanked her and I was out of door mad as a hornet (I was going to tear this guy a new asshole)

I stormed into the store and demanded for my cell phone in my most indignant face. I chastised the Chevron clerk for all of his faults like I was God himself descending from Heaven on Judgment Day. I demanded his reason for ignoring my intructions to turn off the phone. Well what do you have to say for yourself, I screamed. The young guy kept a straight face and calmly replied "you must be referring to this cell phone here (hands it over to me). It was not me who answered your cell phone I just started my shift, it was the other guy, he briefed me about your cell phone. I didn't expect you until morning".

I was the biggest ass in the world right that moment as I felt my face turning red in embarrassment (Fuck that was stupid I thought I should have checked first). I then blamed my ex wife for this humbling experience (eventhough she was just helping). There's no pang of jealousy, I don't care who flirts with my ex wife but the fact that this guy was trying to converse with one of my female callers pissed me the fuck off. He started off a great guy... He finds a cell phone in his store and finds a way to contact the owner. He answered all of my calls during the day notifying them of my situation (Jerome and another friend left me a message about it). Then when I called he agrees to keep the phone overnight until I am able to pick it up. Then suddenly changes his tune and doesn't tell the female caller my situation and instead tries to hold a conversation and even flirts with her. I admire his daring intrepid but I must say it is inappropriately misplaced (and now caused me this embarrassing confrontation).

To save face from my plight I bought a pack of cigarettes which he dutifully fulfilled. It must have been the most awkward sale he ever made .... hahahaha