Sunday, October 23

Impeding your sleep..

Unlike 95% of the working population Saturday night for me is a school night therefore sleep is needed. Although work doesn't start until 10 am which to normal standards is not too early, but with the kind of friends I have it's begrudgingly not late enough. We pulled an all nighter on Friday and even though sleep is available throughout Saturday my body's biological alarm clock deprived me of it . For some strange inexplicable reason I always wake between 9 and 10 am regardless of what time I went to sleep (in this case 6 am, I am not capable of sleeping the whole day like most people). On Friday night I promised my friend Ricky I would go to the NHRA with him at 6 am and before going out i told Marco I couldn't stay out too late because of this, he promised we wouldn't stay past 2 am. I had to Text Ricky at 5:30 am that I couldn't go. Marco is like that Girl with the abusive boyfriend syndrome.

When I awoke I tried my best to go back to sleep but to no avail. I tossed and turned for an entire hour until I finally gave up and forced myself to get up. It was my fathers birthday so I greeted him before my foul mood took over my day. I spent the rest of the day watching College Football hoping to doze off but to no avail . At 2:30 PM after eating lunch I went back into my room and watched (don't laugh) "The Sisterhood of the traveling pants" hoping once again that I doze off until dinner (I even set my alarm clock for 6:30 PM so I could make my Dad's birthday dinner at Max's in Glendale at 7PM). Annoyingly enough this dozing off during a movie plan only works when, yes, when unplanned (fuck). By movie's end I was wide awake and time for Game 1 of the World Series which i wanted so much to watch so sleep was no longer an option. I moved back into the living room to watch in High Definition on my comfortable and reclining lazy boy. Because it is the World Series there are the prodigious preliminary ceremonies and before the first pitch I was sleeping like a baby.... I was awoken gently by my father two hours later for his dinner party.

After a quick shower I headed out to Max's chicken (my least favorite Filipino restaurant). As expected no one was there on time (yes Filipino restaurant & Filipino time go hand in hand). I called Conrad to say I would be late for Highlands (a club, for his bday celebration) . Marco then called to inquire if I was joining him with Richard at Alpine Village for October fest. (Richard called shortly after finding out I wasn't joining them. Marco told him I'm sure that I'm pussying out again. I didn't pick up)

Dinner was great, I ate most of the shrimp while my cousin Adrian devoured all the chicken he could handle along with two bottles of ketchup. My dad and the rest of the grown-ups whiled their time away with beer and conversation. During dinner I noticed couples on dates. You can always tell new couples who are still dating from old couples by their demeanor. New dating couples converse while old timers eat in silence. Would you agree?

I'm not sure if anyone relates to this but in certain scenes in my life (such as this dating scene here) I sometimes subconsciously create a soundtrack in my head. This time it's She's got to be somebody's baby.. Jackson Browne , "Fast times at Ridgemont High Soundtrack". LOL

During the post dinner chat I started to feel very tired and my body was craving my bed. I got up, stretched then yawned. Telepathically Adrian knew what this meant then simultaneously announced "in tayon?" (let's go). Shortly after that I was driving home in peace and decided to chuck my plans with Conrad (sorry man, tooo tired).

It was only 9:30 PM when I got home and with the two hour nap earlier I felt that it was too early for bed (I didn't wanna end up sleeping for 12 hours). Hehe well I did rent Bridget Jones Diary part II ( yes yes no need to page up I rented two chick flicks). I was worried about sleeping too much but i figured i would doze off sometime during the movie anyway. Twenty minutes into the movie my Father called my cell phone twice which I ignored followed by my mom which I also ignored. 10 seconds later my sister was calling, suddenly I froze in panic. All of my immediate family just called seconds apart (this has never happened before). I scrambled for my cell and when I answered she sounded anxious ARE YOU HOME she barked! Yes I replied calmly, I'm watching Bridget Jones Diary What the fuck is going on i demanded. She sighed in relief. Apparently there was a major accident on the Interstate 5 just off Osborne (my street), okay she said I'll tell Mommy. I sat still for a few seconds digesting what just happened. Of course I was relieved that my family was safe and sound but the alarming calls got my blood flowing in panic. Suddenly i was wide awake.... dont do that again please!

By movie's end it was almost 2 AM. So much for staying home and recuperating.

Thanks Marco


At 7:19 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

some friend chicken that was...

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

Today 4 days later... we still have chicken..


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