Friday, October 21

A very long Engagement Part II

See Part I A very long Engagement

Oct 19, Molly Malone Pub, Hollywood CA. The venue for Part II of A very long Engagement. In the first episode she was very late (and I still think by design) but this time it was me that was very late although not intentionally. I'm sure she figured that I was on time so she called while parking only to find out i was more than 10 minutes behind her (lol). Embarrassingly I had to call her back twice to ask for directions (stupid mapquest...).

Typical of any woman waiting on a late date, she had to be occupied. She went shopping at the nearby store which eventually made her later than I (women!). This was, i'm sure by design, she made certain that i see fully what she spent perhaps an entire hour fixing, like hair outfit & makeup. I must say she looked spiffy and very cute (more on this later).

The place was a typical Irish Pub, it was small and cozy (we discovered later on that the place extended to another room with a live band). Beer was pricier than the usual bar but demographically correct i suppose. As expected the crowd was predominantly white. But anyway this was the least of my worries coz I was hanging out with one of the coolest chicks I know.

She ordered Beer with the least amount of Calories (haha my kind of girl) and annoyingly the bar was out of my brand Coors light, Ughh so I ordered Michelob Ultra. We sat at the tall bar stools at first then eventually moved on to one of the tables. We exchanged anecdotes from work, family, friends and life in general. She constantly adjusted her hair clips which made me wonder if it was her nervous energy or habit, then I realized I applied chapstick more frequently than usual and I wondered if it was nervous energy... LOL. There were some uncomfortable silences (ala Pulp Fiction). I'm sure you remember what Uma Thurman said about uncomfortable silences, right? Hahaha. I just know that she is still the same corky, pretty, smart and witty girl I met several months ago who still makes me intimidated. (shit)

On the drive home I realized that I became so preoccupied with keeping our conversations interesting that I never stopped to compliment her (and she looked great.. and did most of the talking). I instantly became angry at myself. How could I have possibly failed to compliment the girl? I fucking forgot the first rule, always compliment (Hitch anyone?). When I got home it occurred to me that I also did not compliment her the first time we met (besides not walking her to her car) crap i'm doomed... now where is that cilice.


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