Monday, September 26

The importance of being clothed...

Saturday night, Marco and I in a housefull of Rookies... (Somewhere in Reseda)

After watching the USC game at the Pasadena Hooters the boys and I played a poker tournament at Conrad's place (I won this one against Jerome). At 10:30 it was time to move on to a bar, go home or another home game at Marco's brother's friends house. Marco and I chose the latter and the rest of the boys set off to a Bar in Sherman Oaks.

The home game consisted of 13 players. The house had unconventional rules which can only be described as strange and mind-bogglingly inefficient which we were not made privy to. They initially wanted to set all 13 players in one table (apparently they played a 12 player one table game before Marco and I arrived). But after a short discussion the consensus was two tables. There was Rabbit Hunt on every hand which slowed down the game considerably (if you're a poker player you can imagine how annoying this is). The buyin is $10 no RB. The payout is $5 to 2nd place and the rest to first, i can not even begin to phantom the logic behind this payout, clearly they are derange . But as any good poker player you adapt to venues and rules however strange they may be.

Misdeal Rule:

Blinds at 200-400, i'm short stacked with only 500 chips left after posting the small blind. Marco just won a pot and now is on the button. Considering how slow the tournament was going I volunteered to deal the hand while he stacked up his chips. The girl on my left (lets call her Daisy, cute girl.. Marco say's she is doable, I say edible) reached out for something in the middle of the table while I was dealing and accidentally flipped a card open. She immediately called a misdeal. A universal Casino Tournament rule "if a player's card is exposed during a deal that card becomes the first burn card, that player then is delt the last card instead of the player on the button". But "YHYR" I pondered (your house your rules). Marco delt the hand this time, everyone folded to me on the small blind and I went ALL IN for $700 with a "Q J" offsuit. Daisy was holding "4 3" offsuit on the big blind and was getting ready to fold (but with the ALL IN only doubling the blinds this should be a no brainer considering her chip stack but the girl is a rookie so she was contemplating a fold) but the other girl on the table intervened and explained that my ALL IN is only $500 instead of $700 because of the misdeal rule. I then looked at Marco who looked as bewildered as I. What misdeal rule, I said in rebuke!

Misdeal Rule: Mis-delt hand is subject to the amount of the small blind as penalty

It wasn't even my deal to begin with but house rule is house rule and so i paid the penalty of $200 in chips which goes into the pot. Daisy then called my ALL IN since it was only $100 more to her. She then flopped a pair and my hand did not improve. The tournament was only $10 but deep inside I was fuming, I wanted to kick the poker table into Daisy's face. First she calls a misdeal on me which was her fault then calls my ALL IN then for good measure knocks me out of the tournament.. grrr! Marco then calmed me down and said to wait for the next tournament.

I didn't like the way I went out but instead of moping I decided to deal to keep me occupied. In protest to the dumbfounded house rules I rendered a slew of rule mockery, I did sort of an exaggerated grotesque version of theirs while dealing and looking Daisy directly in the eye (who is the homeowner). But instead of taking offense she took it all in strides, she was laughing and giggling at every attempt to ridicule her tournament, she seemed to think I was flirting with her. I was half flirting with her but it was to conceal my scornful intentions. This continued on until we finished the tournament which Marco won heads up against her (maybe I distracted her).

The second tournament:

During the first tournament Daisy became cold and plugged in her portable heater then placed it under the Poker Table. It was that kind of weather, you leave the window ajar and you get cold but then you get hot if you close it.

As we started to draw cards for the second tournament Daisy's boyfriend (I don't recall his name, he was on the other table during the first tournament and was eliminated early) bid us farewell, he grabbed his backpack and jacket and headed out fhe door, a nice guy i thought. Daisy picked an Ace and I a deuce and Marco a three to make it 1 2 3 seat positions. I then took a quick smoke break out in the patio while they setup the table for the tournament. When I came back in and to my surprise Daisy was coming down the steps from her room wearing nothing but a pair of tiny Daisy dukes and a small loose top that exposed half her breast (literally). I immediately became excited.... J/K (calm down). Was this all for me? Marco noticed this as well and kept telling me the girl had the hots for me. Considering her boyfriend left and the fact that she complained about being cold (hellooo the heater?.. and now she's naked???) and the fact that we're seated next to each other and then suddenly being half naked, it had to be!! Of course i wasn't going to make any moves here but it was just a funny situation... blog worthy kind of funny!

When we were all seated i had the best view off all in the table. She was immediately to my right, predicated on her ass crack i was sure she was not wearing any underwear and if she was they must be the smallest panties known to man. I got (and Marco) the occasional nipple shot everytime she made a slight forward movement. She was obviously cold quivering on and off with goosebumps but she seemed to enjoy the fact that i had my attention fixated on her (i think all of us did).

Then the doors slam shut:

At some point during the second tournament Daisy's boyfriend came into the poker room which caught her by surprise. He apparently never left the building (he was in the living room the whole time). The look on his face when he saw his girlfriend wearing close to nothing surrounded by 8 single guys can only be described as 'mortified' as if he was raped in some incomprehensible way, i myself made a wry face lol. Embarrassed and perhaps terrified of leaving his gf amidst us he never left the room again. In fact he was the last one to leave the building. To add insult to his injured ego Daisy repeatedly inquired when he was going home, he never responded to her inquiry but simply returned a piercing gaze. He was clearly distraught and was having trouble holding his contempt. He settled in and hunkered down as if guarding his quarry against possible scavengers. (i dont blame him!)

Marco his brother and i were the last three remaining players and decided to chop it three ways.


Overall it was a wholesome Saturday night, the people at this tournament was a fun bunch of guys and gals. Maybe her exhibitionistic preening wasn't at all for me... hmmm whatever!

Daisy & the boyfriend however is a different story, a bad beat waiting to happen!

Muck it...


At 7:56 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

Maybe he's an oxymoron

At 1:25 AM, Blogger Marc Gabay said...

I wish Frank was there... coz he would've offered her money to take the rest of her clothes off ... buwhahahahahha

Who said Deja Vu?


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