Wednesday, September 21

It's a girl

Ricky and new guy Scott said it best, "its tough to win here". Indeed, KPT is a tough place to win and the odds stack up against you even more if you're a girl.

Well this night, Sarah even after making a seemingly irreparable mistake of misreading her hole cards in a pivotal time of the Tournament was able to keep her composure and won her first KPT Tournament.

It was evident that a new player was going to be bestowed with a KPT win. Hana the only remaining veteran player of KPT was short stacked with three players remaining (the other two Sara and Josh). I reminded Hana that the two other remaining players have yet to win in KPT in hopes that he wouldn't falter under pressure and save this institution the embarassment of another 'new player' winner (hahaha kidding Sara). But it was inevitable... he would be knocked out with a chip stack all but diminished anyway. Great Job Sara!


Two new players won back to back tournaments here in KPT. Mike won the Sunday game and Sara the Wednesday. Before this I was able to successfully defend against two new players bidding for a first win, Scott & Mike..... Haha


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