Thursday, September 15

Running time

We lost by 4 points.

I joined a Thursday night adult basketball league. Yes adults, no high flying kids doing "and1" shiet committing turnovers then complaining to the Referee instead of running down on Defense.

This league is in Chatsworth Recreational center which means tall white guys who play fundamental basketball or what I call "correct basketball". My team is 8 players strong with four guys at 6'2 high , six white guys and two Filipinos. We are missing a legitimate point guard so Anthony (the other Flip) who is a natural offguard plays point.

We did well and was ahead 12 points at half time. In the second half as I expected they were going to make a run and was able to tie the game with 4 minutes left. The rule format is High School ball, two 20 minute halves running time until 2 minutes remaining.

Trailing by 3 with 15 seconds remaining. We make a basket with 3 seconds left and quickly fouled after the inbound play to preserve time and force the oppossing team to make free throws. With 2 seconds left they make the first free throw and before the second free throw attempt I asked the referee for a timeout immediately after the shot whether they make or miss, ref nodded. Shot up, in midair the buzzer went off indicating "game over" but I knew this to be a mistake coz the time doesn't starting running until the ball hits the rim, Anthony took down the rebound and I scream TIME OUT TIME OUT. Ref waves his hands in the air calling a "dead play" and confirms with officials that the buzzer went off by mistake. Well that's good ref I snarled but it should be our ball because he missed the free throw. After a scant meeting with the other official they decided to dismiss the second free throw attempt and rewarded another shot. This infuriated me, in protest i started to scream in his face "Ala Lou Pinelli" and had to be restrained by my teammates after i almost buried my finger in his chest in anger. Fact is the shooter missed not because he was distracted by the buzzer going off, he just missed it. So why the hell does he get to shoot again? Show me where in the rule book that states "A free throw is null for faulty equipment" no where, you idiot! This was a crucial time of the game, how could YOU make such a blatantly terrible call?

Anyway they make the second shot to lead by four and I didn't bother playing the 2 seconds remaining trailing by 4 points and having to inbound on the baseline, ya its High School Ball rules, you still have to inbound from the baseline even after calling a timeout (NBA allows halfcourt inbounce after a timeout and a made free throw).

I don't understand this call by the officials, it seemed hasty and unfair (three more games were to be played after us). But anyhow the game shouldn't have come down to that free throw, our team made a few pivotal mistakes towards the end of the ball game that put us in that pressure situation. I was HOT after the bad call because i played my heart out in this game and i wanted to win. I'm not going to apologize for my behaviour, players work hard to win games and it's a shame when a ballgame is lost partly because of poor officiating.

But i am pleased not to be playing with a bunch of undisciplined kids. This league is 10 games long plus playoff and were going to make the playoffs, guaranteed!


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