Sunday, September 11

Bolster your vanity

Congratulations to my mom who has long aspired to drive a Mercedes Benz, now drives one. She went through four cars before reaching this pinnacle and I'm afraid to ask how much this one cost for a downpayment, monthly installments and of course the always lovely APR. I'm almost sure i'll gag....

I've always questioned why one must drive an expensive car. Specially one in her position or mine for that matter. I don't have quirks against people who are able to afford MB's or BMW's because the truth of the matter is I love high end cars and given the opportunity and the proper funds I would love nothing but to take my M3 down the Pacific Coast Highway or to Willow Springs for track days. But fact is affordability of this vehicle is contingent on financial support by other members of this family, even indirectly. I don't understand why this is a must if it evokes financial stress. This is a poor decision on her behalf, an accountant for over 30 years no less....

What is the matter with driving a Toyota Camry? The camry has been the best selling car in America for a consecutive six years. Why is that so? It's not because of its great looks or the social stature it incites (i.e. Mercedes Benz) but because its the best all around car in value performance and dependability. Mom drove a 2000 Camry LE for the last 5 years tacking on over 175K in miles with not a single mechanical, drivetrain or electrical breakdown. I doubt this 2001 Mercedes Benz E 320 (black over black) can match that feat. J.D. Powers & associates had thrown MB outside of the top 10 for value & dependability in recent years because of their electrical & minor drivetrain failures.

I've argued my point to her but to no avail. This has become nothing but fulfilling one's vanity.

In a more pleasant note, today is Jaja's 30th birthday which she is spending at the US Open Championships with her fiance John.


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us open finals? fuck


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