Wednesday, August 24

Mr. Slowblind himself...

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Have you ever wondered what "slowblind" meant? I'm guessing that you're guessing its a poker term. If you are then you are correct, however it isn't an official poker term such as say, Big Slick or suited connector. Slowblind was a word inadvertently spawned during one of our Summer KPT tournaments.

Jonathan "Mr. Slowblind himself" is what you might associate to like a Turtle for his demeanor or just overall speed (LOL). I think you know what I mean, he is that guy who has sort of a kind and gentle disposition, benign, placid. These are all good virtues except its not quite the quintessential temperament you want on a poker table specially when time is of the essence. See, in a home poker tournament the buyins are relatively small and the games generally should last around 3 to 3.5 hours. Jonathan has been known to single handedly prolong these games another 1.5 hours because he is so slow to act. He was given the nickname "slow" or "slowMo" but he is a good sport and he takes it all in strides.

In poker there are the initial bets which are called "small blind" & "big blinds". These are forced bets which are rotated among all players on a poker table which is dictated by the Dealer button, small blind is to the immediate left of the button followed by the big blind.

One summer night during a tournament at KPT Jonathan was on the small blind but had forgotten to post his chips. Generally the dealer would remind to post blinds to start play. Well here was the dialogues...

Dealer: Jon post your blinds
(5 seconds later)
Jon: Oh am I slowblind?
Dealer: Bwuhahahhaha Yes Jon indeed you are slow, post your small blind will ya?

Sort of auspicious because it was the same time I was building my KPT website and was undecided on a domain name. was to remain my personal website and I desperately needed a domain name for my poker site.


Thank you Jonathan, you will always be Mr. Slowblind himself


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