Wednesday, August 17

How do i turn 30

In the beginning of the Year when l looked up what day my birthday was going to fall on i already knew what i was going to do. Last year for my 29th Birthday which fell on a wednesday i had Dinner at PF Changs in Sherman Oaks, i think 6 people couldn't make it because it was a week night plus i got off late. Well this year wasn't going to be the same ordeal so i made it real easy, bought food and set up the poker tables. Thanks so much for friends that made it, (20 players) it was a big turn out.
Thanks for being Punctual!

Thanks Sara & Mike for the Book & Beer, Adrian & Trixy (thanks Trix for coming to greet me personally) for the Amazon Gift Cert and for everyone who greeted me Happy Birthday (phone, email and IM). Frank for more beer and Mom of course for preparing the food.


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