Sunday, July 17

Feeling flushed

The last four days has been a bit strange. It started off at Conrad's Thursday Tournament which i won out of sheer luck ($200.00 first place). Let's blame that one on Jerome, i opened "Ace 7" offsuit after what i thought was a call from him which actually was not but yet he called with an "8 4" of spades with only a 3-1 chip lead. I understand the intent but this was a terrible call, but thanks.

Friday was a reunion of sorts for my parents old friends visiting from the Phillipines. If your Filipino you should know what this means. Well for the non-Filipinos this means visitors take precedence in room choice and as the youngest member of my family by default my room is up for grabs. So i decided to make plans with the boys, once again we end up at the "Forbidden City" in Hollywood and was going to spend the night at Conrad's afterwards. It was a fun night, although i dont really get chatty with the girls i was glad to be out and have a few beers. Conrad and Allan were their usual selves, prowling and scouring for girls. There was plenty of, as the kids call it "eye candy" and they all seem to be wearing wonder bras, that or i was drunk! By closing time everyone was still hanging around the club which i'm not very fond of, call me humdrum but i just dont see the point. Sure i do enjoy hodgepodging BUT unless i'm closing a deal or just fell in love with the woman of my dreams (this is impossible by the way) i'm not sticking around for phone numbers, i'm too hungry.. how about Krua Thai?

Allan had to work the next day so he dropped us off at Krua Thai to meet with Mr. Slowblind himself Jonathan. Lani who rolled with Jonathan seemed to have disappeared after excusing himself and Jon seemed to have no clue where Lani went. We drove around for 20 minutes looking for him, apparently he was busy in Krua Thai's restroom and couldn't pick up his cell. Gross!

At 9:30 AM the next day Conrad woke me up already in his basketball gear. We drove to my house and found the place empty, apparently none of out guest stayed over. Yes i went to sleep in my jeans in Conrad's couch which can only accomodate midgets.

During basketball i went for a rebound and landed my left ankle which i broke twice already right on Marco's foot. This resulted in a minor sprain and if not for the ankle braces this might've been a serious injury. Subsequently Marco asked to borrow my ankle braces for his Sunday game. For a minute i thought it was a sick joke since he came very close to breaking my ankle but i guess he suffered the same injury stepping into a pothole at work.

Saturday night we got all the boys together for the Hopkins fight and a poker tournament to follow. This was another failed opportunity to take my first back to back KPT win. But this time i blame bad luck, strangely i busted twice while flopping top pair with the nut flush draw then catching the flush on the river but gave my oponent a straight flush. Twice in one night, are ya kidding me? To put it into perspective for non-poker players this is like having pitched a perfect game into the 9th inning only to lose it in the 10th.... For pun, i felt flushed at the end of the day.


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