Tuesday, July 5

White girls, BBQ, fireworks and exotic cars

I was surprised somewhat that the boys weren't going out of town. Usually my holiday weekends are dull and uneventful but this time the boys are staying put. My weekend started off with some bar hopping with Kris with some white people in Hermosa Beach. Below is a picture of Tom who is Kris's friend dancing with a white girl whom almost punched Kris in the face due to a an "ass pinching" incident courtesy of Kris.

Thats Kris giving Tom the thumbs up

Saturday was my usual dose of Basketball followed by what seemingly was a never ending BBQ at Conrads place with a lot of poker of course.
Sunday is my usual work day followed by Game 7 of KPT's Season Four which was followed by Breakfast at Denny's which was check raised by Randy with a Strip Club to go, not to be denied Frank and I immediately went over the top and moved ALL IN. Hahahha

Monday morning I bathed Foxy and cleaned up their messy garage house. I also washed my filthy car before spending the rest of the afternoon in Malibu to watch their fireworks show at the beach which was spoiled by low clouds and fog that made it almost invisible. And thanks to Yahoo's unintelligible directions we were lost and found ourselves in a Gated and Wealthy residential area who's residents drive only exotic cars, we even stumbled into Courtney Love crossing the street to her house.

Fireworks from the Malibu coast. Its Kool Green


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