Tuesday, June 7

Missing you

My mom and sis are currently on vacation in Europe which means there isn't home cooked meals for a while and a dirty house. My dad and i do our best to keep things in order but men's upkeep in comparison to mom's pristine ways is just not comporable.

Adrian has moved for the umpteenth time and still awaiting his DSL and Direct TV hook up. I dont know what's worse, no mom for two weeks or no DSL and direct tv... were living in tough times Ade.

My sis took my Digital Camera, DVD cam and IPOD with her. When she asked "can i borrow your IPOD for a couple of weeks?" impishly, i was stunned. I paused for quite a while and pondered the idea ...."maybe if u were holding a gun?". Ultimately i decided that she'd do the same for me. she arrives on June 12 her birthday, hey maybe i dont have to give her a present!


At 8:12 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

i still dont have DSL but my neighbors dont have secured networks so what people dont know wont hurt em...


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