Saturday, May 28

Timeless Beauty

A beauty for all ages, any decade or any era. As if one of the true Masters painted her himself on canvas for the whole world to revere. A beauty so stunning it takes your breath away.

Okay that was too much. What i'm trying to say is, i'm sure just like all men we each have our own plethora of favorite women for their beauty or body. For me its that unforgetable face, perfectly sculptured features and her poignant poise that makes her a timeless beauty. Ya know like a Porsche 911, did that kill it?

Lets look at my list

Catherine Zeta, wow who could forget that face? I've been awe struck since "The Mask of Zorro". But of course my favorite movie of hers is "Entrapment" it sort of showcases the many sides of her. She was alluring and intriguing while downright sexy. I love her lips.

Kate Beckinsale. I adore British women, the accent so attractive. I first saw her in "Pearl Harbor" and have seen all her movies since. She is my favorite smile and for the record she's not the reason why i drink Diet Coke (Adrian).

Ali Landry. The Dorito Girl. She probably is my favorite face and bod combined. She exudes sensuality.

Of course all these women are all TV or movie personalities. I have my favorites outside of the big screen but were listing stricktly by popularity. If you notice there aren't any Asians, well thats because there are far too many Asians to choose from. I wont even bother to attempt to choose favorite Filipino women. Thats more difficult than asking me who the better actor, Pacino or Deniro. I classify filipino women in two categories, born here and born in the Philippines. There are distinct differences that put them at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I like the Filipina that was born in the Philippines and migrated to America in her teens, she has the Filipino family values and traits plus the American sensibility. Now thats my kinda girl!


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