Thursday, April 21

A Promise to no one

Oh my generation so different. Our fathers and mothers before us did as their fathers and mothers did before them, attained a college degree, married and bore children soon after. All before the age of 27. I've often wondered (before reaching age 20) whether i was going to follow suit or my sister or cousins Adrian and Francis being the seniors of my generation. Out of the four of us i so far came close marrying at age 21 but finding out soon after that it wasn't meant to be. My sister and Adrian is yet to try although Adrian may be very well on his way. My cousin Francis passed on a few years past due to a Heart ailment.

I have fond and vivid memories of my childhood. Christmas time was times of bountiful and joy. I've always envisioned myself and my generation providing the same for our children.

The juniors of my generation however namely Yeka and Payeng Married their first boyfriends out of highschool. This out of respect to the wishes of their elders and culture or perhaps values? Yes they both were pregnant. Consequently I regret missing their weddings and first born. It's a shame that circumstances bring families apart. Often i wonder if my parents or Adrian's long for grandchildren, Well if they do appease wont come soon enough.

What life has instilled ahead we've yet to know for 'Tomorrow is a promise to no one'.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger zenmasta said...

No matter what they say. Just don't submit to peer pressure. Do what you think is right. Not what other thinks is right.


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