Saturday, March 5

Tuesdays with Marc

Tuesdays and Fridays. It was always Tuesdays and Fridays. How did this all get started? Well it all started in November of 2003. The WSOP had been airing for quite a while and i couldn't help but watch it on ESPN. It was so very intriguing and exciting. The stone cold bluffs, the bad beats, the diverse characters and most of all the thrill. I found myself in many lazy weekend afternoons stuck on the television enthralled with these Poker characters.

After several weeks of airing i found that not only myself was into watching these poker characters. My cousin Adrian, Jei, Edison and Ray were also mesmerized. So we planned a weekly tournament and voted Tuesday the best night. And so it began.

January of 2004, the beginning of a craze, perhaps an infatuation and eventually KPT. KOOLGREEN POKER TOUR . The games had to be documented, read about and maybe for sheer plain bragging rights. In the beginning of the craze it was only Tuesdays. But these games were so exciting to us that one game a week just wasn't enough anymore. It wasn't fulfilling enough. So came the Friday Games. Tuesdays and Fridays.

So after 2 Seasons of Poker why Change the schedule you might say?

Various reasons. Tuesday Games has its faithfuls and as well Fridays. Then there are the purist, the omni present. The Tuesday will always remain the core game of the tournaments. The Sunday plan will bring 90% of the Tuesday and Sunday faithfulls together. Only the few Sunday Games have brought all the faithfuls togeher, so why not?


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