Friday, February 11

Fool in the Rain

Yes the rains are back. Woke up this morning and heard the rain, just lovely. I played "fool in the rain" by Zepplin on my way to work i was so happy.

What does the rain mean to me? A sort of Paradoxal anomaly....

It breaks some of my routine such as my Friday morning run and Saturday morning basketball but on the other hand snow at the resorts which is good for next weekends trip. I'm not sure if it outweighs but i'm glad and somehow i'm not. Sometimes i wished i had control of the weather.

Rain means no Carting (carting race) for my friend Stan in Apple Valley. Rain means bad traffic and bad driving and accidents. Rain means the snowboarders are heading up Bear Mountain. To some rain means they're staying home and their weekend shut. To some places livelihood depends on rain for good harvest. To some countries devastating. In the dessert it means new life. To some cultures washes away sins.

What does the Rain mean to you?


At 12:19 AM, Blogger zenmasta said...

Rain is good when I feel unclean. Rain is bad when I have to switch three cars at night for parking.


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