Friday, April 1

Is it ever enough?

Can i ever have enough poker? The KPT Season 3 is now over so we continue on to the regular Tuesday Games as we have the last 16 months. It was a relatively successful Season averaging 11 players per Game. Not quite as successful as the 2nd Season but good enough. Game 6 on to 10 really did not bring in a big turn out perhaps due to the point deficits. So i've decided to recede to the regular Tuesday Games and upping the stakes at $20 per Tournament and maybe some Friday $10 multiple rebuy Games.

We love to play Poker, i only wish i played high stakes or large buy in tournaments that go for severals days. A few of our KPT players play quite a bit of tournaments and sit & go tables at the local Casinos and have done relatively well. Some even have finished in 1st place and a few final tables. Me on the other hand, 2 Casino tournaments and did terribly. Even my last 2 sit & go (or cash games) were terrible losing a total of $700. I do plan to visit sometime in the next couple of months and hopefully will do better and rake in some cash. In the meantime i'll sit through the days, do some regular things such as work, laundry, feed the dogs, movies rentals, workout, strip clubs (maybe), meet some girls (hopefully) until Tuesday comes along and feel Normal again. lol

Happy Tuesdays


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