Thursday, May 12

Pure Joy

My long time snowboarding friend and co-motorsport fanatic purchased a Go-Kart and races in ex Champ Car star Ritchie Hearns endurance series beseeched my services and drive in this weekends event in Apple Valley. This event is a grueling 6 hour race and allows up to 6 drivers per team. I will be one of four drivers. My only experience in Go Karts is 5 laps in a track in San Jose. I am venturing into new territories no longer spectating even if for the simpliest variation of road racing. To me is pure Joy!

Some Motorsports facts
F1 has been dominated by Ferrari over the last several years and has grown uncompetitive and quite boring but remains the pinnacle of open-wheel or any form of racing. Champ Cars have lost most of its luster with the departure of Honda and Toyota and not to mention there are no American Drivers in a series where race venues are predominantly in North America. Nascar have gone much too corporate for my taste. 34 scheduled races in one season and a questionable championship scoring system, plus the ballooning event tickets... forget about it. I am glad however that Nascar had launched the Grand American Racing series several years ago. I have attended all Calfornia Races and will remain a faithful customer. GT cars in full race trim and no oval venues just pure Road Racing. Indy Cars have added a Road course in their schedule, i'd say they're heading to the right direction. Besides an all Oval 17 race season is just Monotomous.


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