Sunday, May 1

Nice ipod, do u have a cig?

I always feel anxious when i have something planned for a weekend. Things like snowboarding or a Race weekend. That friday always seem to drag on forever and specially after an almost sleepness Thursday night. I always try to prepare and get lots of sleep on the eve of a trip but somehow it never comes. And when it does it isn't plentiful because i'm just too excited. 4/30/05 is Road Racing weekend. The Grand Am series races in the legendary Laguna Seca (now Mazda Raceway) for the first time. The Saturday races 2 classes, the GT Class and ST Glass. The ST Class are 4 cylinder domestic, Japanese and some european coupes and sedans. The GT class boast a more exciting race with Mustangs, Porsches, M3's, Z 350's Caddilacs and more.

I spent most of Thursday night into the wee hours of Friday importing music CD's into Itunes for my new ipod i bought from Best Buy after work. I simply lost track of time and so now i'm tired and dreading the 5 hour drive to Salinas Ca... SIGH. I was able to download 260 songs into ipod for the long drive.

I got a few envious looks from co-workers who has been (just like i) dreaming of picking one up. Except for my boss who just asked for a cigarette.


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