Wednesday, April 27

KPT Memoirs Part 2

Here are some Good and Bad memories from KPT... Enjoy!

- Frank Bad beat #1Marc flops the nut straight while Frank flops 2 pairs, Marc turns the nut flush andFrank rivers a Boat. wtf

- Frank bad beat # 2Allan moves ALL IN with pocket 5, Frank with AK. Allan flops a set but turnand river running Aces. Are ya kidding me?

- Conrad 45 mins late for a tourny, sits down and gets knocked out the firsthand with KK against a set of 6's on the flop and an ALL IN.

- Conrad gets knocked out on a Friday Tournament and at his house Game set for 8:30 PMwhich started at 10 PM the very first hand. Check Frank's Bad beat # 3

- Frank bad beat # 3Frank flops 2 pairs and Conrad an open ended straight. Conrad turns his straightmoved ALL IN. Frank called and rivers a Boat.

- Jerome knocked out 4 times in one Night in a NO RB tournament. How did that Happen?He got knocked out first and was allowed to RB (house rule) and knocked out again promtly a fewhands later. Gets knocked out first on the ensuing tournament. He then took over Marco's chips whohad to leave and gets knocked out shortly after. Hahahahha

- Frank buyin+house fee + 3 Rebuys all singles. Bad day for the Deja Vu girls?

- 4/24/05 Multi-rebuy game. 17 players $410 pot. Toni who is Kris's cousin wanted to go home playedloose and ended up removing 5 players from the final table and chopped for first place money.

- Frank finishing 1st or 2nd place 5 tournaments in a row in April.

- Randy finishing 1st or 2nd all of Febuary. No Points

- Kris getting 2 quads in one tournament

- 4/10/05 Tournament. David's 8 rebuys * KPT Record

- Nols skipping a Tuesday Game. A first

- 4/12/05 KPT Tuesday cancelled. A first

- Season 3 Game 2. Adrian won the tournament. This would be his only appearance in Season 3
- After a lackluster start Akio won Game 6 and 8 in Season 3. The only repeat winner for Season 3

- Randy missing a Sunday Tournament for a Laker Game, wasssup with that? LOL

- David announcing Frank's $250 K winnings in Vegas

- The Rebuy Sundays Monster Pots. $455, $545 and $410. 3 April Sunday Games

- 4/17/05 Rebuy Sunday. A KPT record 19 players won by Frank. Eclipsed previous record of 18 Players won by Kris.

- After a Tuesday tournament in January. David, Frank, Gerry and Marc played $20 a hand 7 card stud draw open deal. Frank won over $300, Gerry lost $60 borrowed $80 from David which he also lost. David lost and Marc won $40.

- Tuesday Tournament in April that lasted until 2 am. Hana's GF kept calling. LOL
- Hana's next Tournament the GF came with. Hana won the tournament. An inspired Win. Too bad he has to spend it on the GF probably

- 4/17/05 Multi RB Tournament. Randy calls Jee's ALL IN with 9 2 and makes a full boat. Called Jee's next ALL IN a few hands later with 9 3 and lost the hand.

- Next Sunday Tournament. 2 RB Game. Randy used up his 2 RB's and was out of the tournament before the 3rd levelof blinds

- 4/24/05 Jee moved ALL IN with AA on the turn Toni call with J 8 and makes a straight on the turn

- The Marathon tournaments

- Poker on Christmas eve.... then the phone call from Jerome on Christmas day for a christmas Game. 10 players

- And of course Marc's Three Peat

- Frank Who said Deja Vu?


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